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  1. Eric W Deakin

    Free for 5 days Sequel now in print and eBook. SciFi

    Good News. The Sequel to “The First New Martians” is now in print and eBook format with Amazon. The first book will be available free for 5 days from the 16th March. The new novel called “Tomorrow’s Belt” Traces the slow but steady movement of Humanity out from Earth. The colonisation of Mars...
  2. Eric W Deakin

    Hard sciFi free for 5 days

    Free for 5 days as eBook. Reduced to cost for the paperback. 21-25 July 2017 Please read and Review. Reviews are important to Authors. The First New Martians. A young Aboriginal girl from central Australia leads humankind to the stars. Her determination and a little help from various places...