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  1. sopranosfan

    2016's What fiction or non-fiction book are you reading?

    I am starting Lonesome Dove, The Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Larry McMurtry. The miniseries is in my top 10 best movies of all time so I figured it was time to read the book. My wife doesn't even like westerns and almost never cries(i can count on one hand how many times she's cried) and the...
  2. sopranosfan

    What percentage of books do you enjoy?

    I have noticed that there is a wide spectrum as far as how often you like a book. @TomTB and I seem to be one of the easier to please when it comes to books or maybe we are just better at picking books and @moonspawn seems to be one of the tougher critics with most of the other members...
  3. sopranosfan

    For the authors, how hard is it to use poor grammar?

    For the authors on the board how hard is it for you to use poor grammar when writing a character? And also how hard is it to stay consistent when writing a character you decide will use poor grammar? It seems to me that it would be a difficult thing to do and would go against every fiber of...
  4. sopranosfan

    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    So what movie or TV show are you watching? I'm watching Clerks 2. There is no better way to spend a Saturday night than to watch a Kevin Smith movie and drink hard cider.
  5. sopranosfan

    for those that prefer physical books and have kids. I just like the look and feel of them but apparently I was helping my kids intelligence along the way.
  6. sopranosfan

    Looks like Amazon is trying to do something about fake reviews.

    Mine was first.... just saying.
  7. sopranosfan

    Amazon suing fake review sellers We will see if it helps but I am glad to see some attempt.
  8. sopranosfan

    Shannara Chronicles looks pretty good to me.

    I think this actually looks pretty good. I know good trailers have made bad shows before but it looks better than i expected.
  9. sopranosfan

    The Martian

    Anybody else watched this? My wife, daughter, and I all listened to the book and watched the movie. We all thought they did a great job with it. Watney didn't seem like quite as much of a smartass but Matt Damon did a great job and was quite funny in it. They did a great job with what they...
  10. sopranosfan

    October 2015 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    I just started The Time of Contempt after finishing White Night.
  11. sopranosfan

    Dear book stores,

    Can you PLEASE separate the erotic mommy porn fantasy books from the rest of the fantasy books on your website. I can't help but think readers of both genres would appreciate it as I can't see a huge overlap in readership. I was just at Amazon and am not a big fan of wading through 100s of...
  12. sopranosfan

    Found a website with cheap books

    I follow Mark Lawrence on Facebook and he posted a link to and I have since placed about 5-6 orders and most of my books have cost $2-6 for hardback and trade paperbacks. I think they are US and Canada only but thought I would pass it on.
  13. sopranosfan

    do Discworld books have to be read in order?

    I bought 11 of the Discworld books that were on sale for $0.99 but they were just random ones throughout the series and some of the other ones are quite expensive and with me still needing to get 28 the total could get a bit large. So do I have to read them in order or can I read them as stand...
  14. sopranosfan

    Anybody read Terms of Enlistment?

    It is pretty cheap for the Kindle and Audible combination, $7 for them combined. They have pretty good reviews on both Amazon and Audible so has anybody here read them and if so what did you think of them.
  15. sopranosfan

    Need some suggestions.

    The HPB outlet has fill a bag sales where you can fill a bag for $30 with anything in the store. It is getting to the point that finding Fantasy and Sci-Fi books that I want or need is almost impossible. I have been getting Bourne books because I like the movies and some Cussler books because...
  16. sopranosfan

    The Skull Throne

    I am going to give it an 8.3 out of 10. As I stated in the book club there are couple of flaws but as with the others I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
  17. sopranosfan

    What is your favorite Sci-Fi movie series?

    Here is the rules it has to have at least 2 movies in the series out and you have to include all the main ones in your rankings. Meaning you can't ignore Episode I of Star Wars but you could ignore AVP or Animatrix. Mine would be: Star Wars Alien Terminator
  18. sopranosfan

    Have you watched The Trailer Park Boys?

    Trailer Park Boys came up recommended on my Netflix account and it is the most bizarre show and the acting isn't very good, while it is funny, it definitely isn't super funny but for some reason I can't stop watching it.
  19. sopranosfan

    Why the hate on The Desert Spear?

    Ok, I get the erotica complaint, I really do. I actually skipped over the sex and rape scenes and I could definitely see how that would put you off but I would guess all mentions of sex would be less than 0.5% of the book. I also thought it was funny that every time they mentioned Jardir's...