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  1. Antoxx

    BFB Members Rankings List

    So, here it is, the official BFB Members Ranking List. What I plan to do over the next we while is provide what I hope is some interesting commentary around the list and more generally some of my own observations around the information that you all have provided. First up, a quick recap on how...
  2. Antoxx

    November - What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    Just finished off Master and Fool, last book the The Book of Words trilogy by J.V. Jones. Nothing special with reasonably formulaic storyline. Have started Gemmell's Troy trilogy (Lord of the Silver Bow). Pretty easy reading so far.
  3. Antoxx

    September- what fantasy book are you reading?

    I'll start this one off. Just finished The Raven's Shadow by Elspeth Cooper. To be honest, I'm quite hooked on the series. I know it has its haters and suffers somewhat from lack of originality but Cooper writes well, there's growth in both her own writing style and her characters and the...
  4. Antoxx

    Upcoming book club books

    I must be having a blonde moment (or senior moment as I think I'm the most elderly statesman of the group). Can someone remind me where the list of upcoming book club titles are or have we come to the end after The Blinding Knife?
  5. Antoxx

    Old school vs nu skool

    I keep a list of all the books I've read and store information such as rating, classification and year published. All pretty boring stuff really but for someone who works in finance it provides me with no end of ways in which to reclassify books and also to get a handle on what I like and don't...
  6. Antoxx

    September - What are you reading?

    Was waiting for someone else to put this up but in the absence of anyone doing so, thought I may as well start it this month. Have picked up The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. Read a reasonable review of it somewhere and thought I'd give it a try with a view to passing it onto my niece if was...
  7. Antoxx

    Confession time

    If you had to pick one confession around some fantasy related event what would it be? It can be something as simple as a well known series that you've never read (think Tolkein or something similar here) or a love for some really bad fantasy no matter what anyone says or something more wild...
  8. Antoxx

    Are we nerds?

    Not that I've ever really cared but I thought this might be a topic that might engender a bit of discussion. One of the stereotypes of the archetypal nerd is where (s)he plays DND/RPG or lives a life immersed in fantasy and/or science fiction. Which begs the question. By reading fantasy fiction...
  9. Antoxx

    How many books do you read at one time

    Something that I've always wondered is how many books people have on the go at one time and a related question whether people always read a series strart to finish or intersperse it with other books. I only have two books on the go if they're completely unrelated. I'll read a non-fiction book...