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  1. Tanniel

    A Catalogue of Heroes

    So, long ago on this site, I was blinded by hubris into undertaking a blog series about ideals and stereotypes of heroes through the ages. I've posted the link to new posts in the old thread as they were published, but with this one, I felt it was better with a proper thread. The previous posts...
  2. Tanniel

    Test your tag line

    I came across this site: Page Fight Basically it puts tag lines, blurbs etc. against each other, asking the reader to judge which one is better. You need to judge a number of them before you're allowed to put your own up there, and I haven't gotten far into it yet. But it seems a useful way of...
  3. Tanniel

    A little inspiration for the writers

    In the course of my writing, I came across a few connections between the words genius and daimon, and so I took a tumble down the (etymological) rabbit hole, from old, stuffy Greeks to modern, tortured artists. I thought some of you might enjoy the read. A Line to Shape the Ages
  4. Tanniel

    Moorcock's essay on conservativism in fantasy

    I just came across this essay - it is somewhat old, but has been revised fairly recently, as it includes references to newer authors as well as old. Maybe people here are already familiar with it, but I would like to hear people's opinions on it, whether you've read it before or this is the...
  5. Tanniel

    When spelling errors create demons

    I was reading a book about the medieval age the other day and came across something curious: a discussion of the first appearance of the name Demogorgon. If you have watched Stranger Things or played D&D, the name should be familiar to you. I did a little digging and eventually discovered that...
  6. Tanniel

    Two Faces of Europe - opinions requested

    I wrote a new blog post, which is more about culture and perception than literature per se (so putting the thread in this forum). The post is specifically about the split perception of Europe, a cultural divide, with some analysis of Disney's Beauty and the Beast thrown in for good measure...
  7. Tanniel

    Shaping Society: The Powers of Literature

    I made a blog post about this topic. It's a little hairy and academic in some places, and I am not 100% sure if it would be of interest to people here. But I figured I'd post it and see. Link? Oh right...