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  1. Noor Al-Shanti

    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    Rewatching some Doctor Who. Man, the Russel T. Davies era was awesome. But hey, now that Moffatt is being replaced with a new show-runner I can hopefully go back to watching the new episodes when they come out!
  2. Noor Al-Shanti

    BFB Twitter Users

    I just made a twitter account for my fictional character. We'll see how it goes. @IIronglove
  3. Noor Al-Shanti

    LOTR prequel series: focus on young Aragorn / 5 seasons / 1 billion USD in total / created by Amazon

    So it's going to be like "The Hunt for Gollum" (fanfilm) but longer? I don't really know that there's enough story for this to be any good, but as Andrew said I would watch the first few episodes to see if it works or not.
  4. Noor Al-Shanti

    2017 Writing Resolutions

    It's DONE!!!! And it actually ended up being a little bit longer than my fantasy novel, which I didn't think was going to happen.
  5. Noor Al-Shanti

    BFBF Fantasy Anthology

    Darth Tater posted this idea elsewhere on the forum and I thought it was a cool idea so I thought I'd start a thread for it so people can discuss it and see if it flies. I don't currently have a short available, but by the time it gets going I might have one in which case I'd love to...
  6. Noor Al-Shanti

    Spring into Fantasy!

    That's actually a great idea! I'm busy finishing up a novel at the moment, but I'd also be up for it if it works out and I do end up having a short that would fit in. *goes to start a thread for it in the author section of the forum* ETA - that poster with the dragon is super awesome! :)
  7. Noor Al-Shanti

    2017 Writing Resolutions

    Finishing even close to 10K is pretty amazing if you were on a road trip! Hope you get it done this year! :) Sequel? Would this be the sequel to The Eagle's Flight? *gets excited*
  8. Noor Al-Shanti

    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    It's kind of weird that on the year I sign up for this challenge, in January, I decide to also challenge myself by setting a writing goal... which of course demolishes my reading habits again as I begin to do nothing but write any free moment I get. But hey, at least this challenge somehow...
  9. Noor Al-Shanti

    2017 Writing Resolutions

    I figured I had been complaining about it here so I might as well post here with a happy update! I've finally been able to get back intro writing this novel regularly. It has meant not reading anything for the past two months or so since I posted here, but hey, if I can finish the novel by May...
  10. Noor Al-Shanti

    What would you like to see more of in fantasy books?

    Cool! Thanks for the rec. :)
  11. Noor Al-Shanti

    2017 Writing Resolutions

    Yeah so... that didn't work out. Months later I'm still only a few chapters ahead of where I was when I posted in May... Maybe I just need to put a time limit for myself and just get it done. So here are my 2018 writing goals: 1) Get novel (let's call it historical novel for now) done BEFORE...
  12. Noor Al-Shanti

    Post-Disaster First Chapters

    I think you're on to something important here. It's not so much where exactly you start as how you use that to hook the readers. A post-apocalyptic or post-disaster story can start off by describing the "ordinary day" in the life of someone who lives in this post-apocalyptic version of our world...
  13. Noor Al-Shanti

    Favorite Anime?

    I just finished watching all three seasons of Haikyuu for the second time so it's definitely been added to my list of favourite Anime... and to the top of the list at that. Never thought I would enjoy an anime about Volleyball of all things, but man, the character development and team...
  14. Noor Al-Shanti

    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    Just joined and man... Dragonflight checks off a lot of those challenges. I've read a few volumes of the Attack on Titan manga and it ticked off a few of those as well...
  15. Noor Al-Shanti

    2018 Reading Challenge

    Eh... why not?! 1. A book by your favourite author. 2. A book by an author who's work you haven't read previously. Dragonfly by Resa Nelson 3. A book released in 2018. 4. A book released in 2008. 5. A book released in 1998. 6. A book released in 1988. 7. A book released in 1978. 8. A book...
  16. Noor Al-Shanti

    2017 reading highlights / lowlights

    Oooh, I've got three highlights and interestingly they are all indie. The Eagle's Flight by Daniel Olesen (High Fantasy) Grounded: A Dragon's Tale by Gloria Piper (Fantasy/Sci-fi mix with real ecology in the world building!) The Buried Few by M.J. Lau (near-future dystopia) As for...
  17. Noor Al-Shanti

    2017 Reading Resolutions

    Joining this site and goodreads really helped me get back to my old reading habits and read more books. My goodreads goal was to read 24 books (I thought 2 per month was a reasonable goal) and I ended up reading 27 that I posted on goodreads and a couple of other ones I never bothered adding...
  18. Noor Al-Shanti

    Looking for a good quest adventure with monsters

    I second Goblin Quest!
  19. Noor Al-Shanti

    Next Book for me to read + review

    *dies* sorry! I meant The Eagles Flight by @Tanniel *walks away hugely embarrassed*