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  1. TomTB

    It's May 2021: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I loved it, and I still have the hardback that Hand of Fear very kindly sent me :)
  2. TomTB

    It's April 2021: What fantasy book are you reading?

    :D I really liked the trilogy, but I recon if it doesn't float your boat by the point you're at it's probably best to move onto something else ;)
  3. TomTB

    It's December 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I finally finished my first re-read of GotM a while back, and I absolutely adored it. It was so good to be immersed back into the world of Malazan again! Onto DG .... I wasn't a big fan of DG when I read it the first time, but that couldn't be more different this time, I'm enjoying it so much...
  4. TomTB

    It's September 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    Can only speak for myself, but I threw myself into Malazan when I first read it, I read nothing else for 14 months, and it's the best experience I've had since starting on my fantasy journey 20 years ago. Which is why I've chosen to sink back into it having been on quite a long fantasy reading...
  5. TomTB

    It's September 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    Ha, we may have to, although I can remember there being loads of threads somewhere from the last time quite a few of us were reading the series. I'm intrigued this time around whether certain books appeal to me than others. Had a strong preference for books 1,3,5&7 last time, not so much 2,4&6...
  6. TomTB

    It's September 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I started reading Malazan again. About 25% into GoTM and I'm enjoying it so so much. It's about 8, maybe 9 years since I read it last, and thanks to my truly shocking memory I can't remember too many of the intricacies of the story BUT with the added advantage of remembering most of the...
  7. TomTB

    It's August 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I read 5 Esselmont books alongside the main Erikson series. Not read any of the subsequent trilogies, not even sure how many there are (2 I think, 1 Esselmont and 1 Erikson?). And yeah, finished all of WoT. Just fancy dipping my toes back into one or another!
  8. TomTB

    It's August 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I'm contemplating a Malazan re-read. Took me a year first time around (pre-kids). Hate to think how long it'd take me post-kids!! Or maybe Wheel of Time ... go back to where it all started for me :)
  9. TomTB

    It's April 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I was thinking today about my slow trajectory away from fantasy literature, and how I might rekindle the love again. And you're right, I need to go back to where the love first blossomed. I need to reread WOT!! (but maybe when the kids are a bit older and I don't spend 99% of my days running...
  10. TomTB

    It's May 2020: What fantasy book are you reading?

    So not really relevant, but I'm going through Bill Bryson's back catalogue at the moment. Hope you're all keeping well and safe!
  11. TomTB


    Hi all. I thought I'd just swing by to say that I really hope you & your families, are all staying well and safe in these unprecedented times.
  12. TomTB

    It's September 2019: What fantasy book are you reading?

    Good afternoon, hope we're all well :) So I've finally gotten back on the fantasy bandwagon after quite a bit of time away from the genre (and reading altogether truth be told), and have most recently been demolishing the Riyria books by MJ Sullivan. Only 1 and a bit left to go and they're...
  13. TomTB

    Dads Inc.

    Hi all! Just thought I'd swing by to let you know I now have two children :-) My second daughter, Isobel, was born a couple weeks back, and she's adorable. Unfortunately she is confused by the daily cycle, and currently thinks day is night, and night is day, but I'm sure she'll get into the...
  14. TomTB

    Bye for now, BFB.

    Hi all, I've not been around much at all recently. This is partly because I'm in a huge reading slump which has lasted several months now, but also partly because it's fairly clear to me that our illustrious leader Ben has given up on BFB, and the site has definitely 'had its day' and seems to...
  15. TomTB

    It's September 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    The Road, off the top of my head, is the book that affected me the most. Pretty sure you've read that one though. Similarly, if you've got any for me to add to my list that strike a similar chord it would be appreciated :)
  16. TomTB

    It's September 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I agree. Station Eleven is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's one of a few books to bring a tear to my eye.
  17. TomTB

    Forum Members: Lost & Found

    That's fantastic, I always wondered about Griff, just suddenly disappeared one day never to be seen again. Glad he's doing ok!!
  18. TomTB

    It’s June 2018: What SF book are you reading?

    Just recently started The Long War, second book in the Long Earth series by Pratchett and Baxter. Enjoying it a lot, they made a good writing duo, but not having read anything from either of them before I can't comment on what style is coming from who. Recently completed the Themis Files...
  19. TomTB

    Book deals and discounts (post here)

    My alerts have been a bit temperamental. Sometimes i find I'm tagged in a post but only discover so when I eventually get to the post, not via an alert. I suppose this is another forum glitch our illustrious leader will need to look into when he returns from his sabbatical.
  20. TomTB

    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    Just Ancillary Justice is listed, so just reading this will tick the challenge!