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    LotR/Middle-earth TV show

    I came across this article about the upcoming LotR/Middle-earth TV show, and thought I'd share it. And since we have a thread for the WoT show, I figured we might as well have one for LotR. Apparently, the TV show's filming has no end in sight...
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    Recommend me 3 audiobooks!

    Audible Canada just had a promotion going on to celebrate their third anniversary, and they were giving three credits (1 that you get anyway plus 2 bonus credits) for new members. As a side note, they also give away 1 free Editor's Pick every month, and this month's free pick was Red Rising by...
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    Christopher Tolkien has passed away...

    Christopher Tolkien, son of JRR Tolkien, has passed away at the age of 95. Christopher apparently was the one who drew most of the maps in The Lord of the Rings, and was primarily responsible for the editing and collecting of the various JRR legendarium works that were published posthumously...
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    What audiobook should I go for? Volume III

    Yes, it's that time again. Audible is running another buy-one-get-one free promotion, and I need help deciding what would be the best choices. You guys know the drill - I'll mention my shortlisted candidates below (though you are free to navigate to the link above and mention something else you...
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    So... Donald Trump is President. Okay, then.

    It certainly seems unreal enough that I think this topic belongs in the Fantasy sub-forum. This raises some questions: With all due respect to American citizens here - what the fuck is wrong with America??? With Trump's win, Americans officially lose the right to continue calling America "the...
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    BTW, did anyone catch The Dark Tower leaked trailer?

    I meant to post a link about this a couple of days ago, but then forgot. And my forgetfulness seems to have hurt since Sony has been very vigilant about taking down the leak from any and all sites. (If anyone here still has a link to a working trailer, please share.) Did anyone catch it before...
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    What freebie should I go for? (Part Deux)

    Remember when I posted a thread to get recommendations for a 2-for-1 offer from Audible? Well, the offer is back! And so is my poll! (As before, you can vote for 2 choices.) This time around, there seem to be fewer audiobooks I'm interested in. If you're interested in viewing the complete list...
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    What freebie should I go for?

    As I've mentioned previously, I have recently become a (proverbial) card carrying member of Audible. I had read in multiple places that, in addition to giving one 'credit' per month (which can be used to buy 1 audiobook) Audible also occasionally has pretty good promotions, etc. Well, I just...
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    Audiobooks, anyone?

    So I just started getting into audiobooks. I mentioned this in the monthly reading thread, but here is my brief thoughts on it (copy/pasted): Anyone else here into audiobooks? What are your thoughts? I'm particularly interested in those who have gone through some larger and more complex series...
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    The secret TV pilot of The Wheel of Time

    Apparently, the network FXX aired an unannounced pilot for The Wheel of Time (yes, that WoT) at 1.30 in the morning. The full episode is on YouTube. I'm watching it now. Read here for more info.
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    King of Thorns - Chapter 40 to End

  12. afa

    King of Thorns - Chapter 30 to Chapter 39

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    King of Thorns - Chapter 20 to Chapter 29

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    King of Thorns - Chapter 10 to Chapter 19

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    King of Thorns - Prologue to Chapter 9

    First thread for the book club. Discuss!
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    King of Thorns - the anticipation thread

    So before we start on the actual book club when the book comes out, I thought we could have a little thread where fellow readers can discuss what we expect or desire from the next book. Or, really, anything. For me, I think I want to know a little bit more about Jorg. One of the things that...
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    A Red Country - Starring the Bloody-Nine?

    I don't if this was supposed to be a known thing, or whether I have suddenly realised a wonderful tidbit - Logen Ninefingers, I strongly suspect, will be making a return in Abercrombie's next novel. This speculation is based on three things: The novel's blurb mentions the following (emphasis...
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    Any reading goals for 2012...?

    I had decided a few days ago that there are certain things I want to make sure I do in terms of my reading this year. I have three main goals: 1. Finally get around to reading the books that I bought ages ago and are currently gathering dust on my shelf. This includes The Dragonbone Chair and...
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    Mistborn: A Trilogy of Trilogies!

    Great news for Sanderson fans - I just saw an interview with Brandon Sanderson* where he mentions that the Mistborn series will be a lot longer than the fourth book that is due soon. It will, in fact, ultimately be three trilogies. (Supposedly, this is what Sanderson always intended for the...
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    Who is Tom Bombadil?

    An article I stumbled upon on some website recently, debating the nature of Tom Bombadil in the The Lord of the Rings, got me thinking about it. Who the heck IS Bombadil? For some reason, this question never occurred to me when I read the books, but it is interesting. On the one hand, he has...