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  1. Scorpio1990

    Death Scenes

    I can't remember what book it was! Think it's the Magician by Feist, when the dragon dies I found it quite moving and memorable.
  2. Scorpio1990

    The Dwarves

    Pun intended :)
  3. Scorpio1990

    The Dwarves

    Yeah as I delve deeper into the book I'm beginning to think, been there done that, very typical fantasy book. I don't mind, I like simple fantasy with your usual races in it. Although it would be good to see these races characteristics change, Orcs and Elves switch places etc, I don't know!
  4. Scorpio1990

    The Dwarves

    The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Anyone read this series? Just started the first book (First book I have read in a long time.) Without major spoilers, what do you think? At 20% I'm enjoying it.
  5. Scorpio1990

    Fantasy races

    A question for your inner child! What fantasy race and why? For me it's definitely dwarves/dwarfs depending on what you read. I love them, tough, good with their hands, awesome looking in armour, love battle and a drink!
  6. Scorpio1990

    What got you into fantasy?

    My dad and my many trips to Finland when I was younger. Also the film Dark Crystal and LOTT cartoon and book
  7. Scorpio1990

    Do you read a series back to back?

    I tried that with Drizzt books loved them but got so fed up as they felt repetitive, I think if I would have read a little and come back I would of been able to read that. The only series I read one after the other is the eagles by Simon Scarrow.
  8. Scorpio1990

    Hardbacks or paperbacks?

    Paperback all the way, cheaper, easier to handle and takes up less room. Although sometimes hardbacks feel 'proper'
  9. Scorpio1990

    My second book is out.

    Cheers Tom, it's been going better than I thought, not great but good. It's all a practice for a huge, unique fantasy book I'm doing :). Baby's all good, he's nine months now. How's your little one?
  10. Scorpio1990

    My second book is out.

    Hey everyone. I've been so busy for the past few months so I've hardly been active here. Work, baby, family things and of course writing. Hope everyone is okay. I've finally released my second book in the Druid Chronicles. Link below. I also changed the cover as recommended by some on here...
  11. Scorpio1990

    Warhammer world

    Hi guys, I am back after a long time! Baby, work and writing keeping me busy! Hope you all are okay. Just a quick one, has anyone read any of the Warhammer fantasy books? I used to collect it when I was younger and never really paid attention to the lore, apparently the books are pretty good...
  12. Scorpio1990

    What SF are you reading in April?

    Started Horus Rising, thought i'd enter the warhammer 40k book universe! Absolutely amazing, used to be a fan of the hobby, this book is like the first of dozens. Really good, military SF
  13. Scorpio1990

    March 2015: What are you reading?

    Trying a Warhammer book
  14. Scorpio1990

    Book to movie/series adaptations

    Yeah not too bad, sales are quite steady, averaging 2-3 a week. Not 'flying off the shelves' but still steady, my aim was for one person to read it so I haven't done too bad, I have managed to find some time to start finishing the second and third. Marketing is a nightmare so for the past few...
  15. Scorpio1990

    Fantasy character crush

    Always loved Dany in ASOIAF, TV show made me fancy her. I love strong women who start off feeble, apart from her I can't really fall in love with/have a crush on characters, I find that a bit weird, there are characters that I love as in would keep me wanting to read on.
  16. Scorpio1990

    Book to movie/series adaptations

    If there was a mega large budget, then definitely Malazan! If not I would like to see the first ten Drizzt books developed into a tv series.
  17. Scorpio1990

    February 2015: What are you reading?

    Thanks a lot Alucard for the best review I have had so far. You pointed out the issues that trouble me and the issues that I work hard to improve on. Nearly finished the second one and it feels a lot better. I am writing something totally different as well (still fantasy) and feedback like that...
  18. Scorpio1990

    February 2015: What are you reading?

    I'm reading baby teething books :). In all seriousness I will be reading Deadhouse Gates
  19. Scorpio1990

    January 2015: What are you reading?

    It's the Iron Druid revolution!
  20. Scorpio1990

    January 2015: What are you reading?

    Can't remember the last time I listened to an audio book, has to be the right narrator to enjoy it no matter how good the story is. Hope Wilmurin wasn't too terrible ;)