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  1. Scorpio1990

    The Dwarves

    The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Anyone read this series? Just started the first book (First book I have read in a long time.) Without major spoilers, what do you think? At 20% I'm enjoying it.
  2. Scorpio1990

    Fantasy races

    A question for your inner child! What fantasy race and why? For me it's definitely dwarves/dwarfs depending on what you read. I love them, tough, good with their hands, awesome looking in armour, love battle and a drink!
  3. Scorpio1990

    My second book is out.

    Hey everyone. I've been so busy for the past few months so I've hardly been active here. Work, baby, family things and of course writing. Hope everyone is okay. I've finally released my second book in the Druid Chronicles. Link below. I also changed the cover as recommended by some on here...
  4. Scorpio1990

    Warhammer world

    Hi guys, I am back after a long time! Baby, work and writing keeping me busy! Hope you all are okay. Just a quick one, has anyone read any of the Warhammer fantasy books? I used to collect it when I was younger and never really paid attention to the lore, apparently the books are pretty good...
  5. Scorpio1990

    Got a short story out guys

    Hey guys, just released a short story, just a bit of fun if you fancy a quick read, was waiting for the free promotion before I posted it here. Amazon forces me to charge for it! So its free this weekend. Thanks H
  6. Scorpio1990

    Next cover!

    Hey guys, I think I posted my last thread in this part of the forum so I am posting here again. Got my second book cover done and dusted now! I like it, image in my head has worked for me, what do you think? I like to hear the opinions of you guys in this forum, you helped me a lot with my last...
  7. Scorpio1990

    fantasy future

    What kind of fantasy do you think will lead the genre in the future? At the moment there are a lot of gritty sort of realistic fantasy (if you know what i mean by realistic) whereas it used to be adventures d+d style etc What else do you think the future will bring us? Anything new that can take...
  8. Scorpio1990

    Best music

    Which film/tv show has the most epic, amazing music? I think hands down LOTR I think they done well with the music for this, it's so recognisable and just epic, the music in the Hobbit, not as good.
  9. Scorpio1990

    Help from Americans please

    I have tried to look online but get mixed reactions. What is the average price in $ for a fantasy novel of around 330 pages. What I can see people have put $13-$17. Which sounds quite expensive, my paper back is coming out soon and I am pricing it at about $12 - $12.50. In the UK books are £6-£8...
  10. Scorpio1990

    Riftwar Saga

    I am on the first book (60%), not sure how the series is going to go because I have seen it has many many books in it. But I think Magician is brilliant! I prefer it to The Fellowship of the Ring. Especially the scene with the dragon in the cave near the beginning which was, for me, so moving...
  11. Scorpio1990


    Any self-published authors on here used that site? Just want to know if it is any good and worth a new author signing up to it. Thanks!
  12. Scorpio1990

    My revised book out

    My new book is out on kindle and kobo. Will look at other devices this week. It's been an amazing journey writing it.
  13. Scorpio1990

    Newest cover

    This is the sequel to my last thread :) Got new cover in, fits story perfectly and I think its awesome. Not everybody may share the same opinion I understand, but here it is! I think it was too large to upload so I just put a link in for my page.
  14. Scorpio1990

    five things which make a good book

    If someone asked you the question: name five things which YOU think make a good fantasy book. Mine are: 1. Loveable protagonist 2. Evil bad guy/guys 3. A Journey into danger 4. A wonderful world with history 5. Magic
  15. Scorpio1990

    Under the Eagle

    Has anyone ever read 'The Eagle' series by Simon Scarrow? Brilliant historical fiction series if you like Roman history. Follows two soldiers journey around the known world. From Britain to Egypt! One of my favorites!
  16. Scorpio1990

    Opinions on cover!

    Hi guys, Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I am having trouble trying to decide on a cover, could I have a few opinions on a preference please? Thanks a lot, I personally think I prefer the second one! (Kind of painted effect) 1 2 3
  17. Scorpio1990

    Typical Fantasy

    Hi guys, me again. I was on the train going to work and I suddenly thought of something after reading a thread on another site, when you think of Fantasy, what is a typical Fantasy protagonist? For me it is a young farm boy secretly destined to do great things or the something along those lines
  18. Scorpio1990

    Third Age Total-War

    Absolutely epic strategy mod for total war game featuring all of the race of Middle-Earth as playable. I was Isengard of-course! and conquered the world
  19. Scorpio1990

    'Scary' books

    I thought i'd do a thread on a less popular category on this forum Can anybody list any books that have actually scared them or played with their minds similar to some movies come. I have read a number of horror stories and the only ones which have given me a proper shudder was Hell House by...
  20. Scorpio1990

    The Dark Crystal

    Just watched this film again and I love it! Have you guys seen it? Proper fantasy and a little cheesy but well made for the time!