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    So I bought Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. I was really excited about reading it because I loved Mistborn/Elantris. I would highly reccomend it, especially to Sanderson fans. It has all of his trademarks: totally original magic system, great plot, twist and turns/ and a few really good...
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    Brandon Sanderson's "Way of Kings"

    Good news Sanderson fans. Apparently BS is going to come out with another fantasy series, although on a more epic scale. This is really exciting for me. I loved Mistborn and Elantris.
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    Least Favorite Fantasy Book/Series

    Anyone want to tell about a book/series that they hated? Mine #1 would have to be the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. To me it was all about a rapist whine-arsing around for a couple hundred pages. Couldn't stand it.
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    Lonesome Dove

    I'm a huge fantasy reader. 95% of what I read is fantasy; the rest are westerns and cop books. If your ever in the mood for a non-fantasy American classic, try Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. It is an epic book with wonderful characters and a great plot. It also has two prequels and one...