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  1. l3gacy

    George RR Martin has passed away

    It's just like all his fans feared. This fat, old bastard that writes books slower than it takes game designers to make Duke Nukem sequels or NASA to build a rocket and send people to space has finally passed away. In his will, he acknowledges the recent death of Terry Pratchett and fellow...
  2. l3gacy

    Memories of Ice Book 3: Capustan

    The siege has begun! Time for blood, killing, battles, magic, cannibalism, shapeshifting, a little necromancy, and who knows, maybe the intervention of a God or Ascendant. Or many Gods and Ascendants. Let the chaos begin!
  3. l3gacy

    What is your favorite breakfast?

    Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love cereal, pancakes, waffles, french toast, omlettes, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, poptarts, bagels... not a lot of breakfast food I don't like. I only eat that really unhealthy stuff on Saturdays though, I do egg whites or protein shakes during the...
  4. l3gacy

    Goodreads 2014 Best Fantasy Books Maybe I have not been paying a lot of attention this year to newly published books, but I have't even heard of the winner or her series. Deborah Harkness' third book in the All Soul's Trilogy, The Book of Life, won pretty...
  5. l3gacy

    It's May: What Fantasy book are you reading?

    What's up everyone? I think it's been a year since I last started the monthly thread. I'm listening to King of Thorns. How about you?
  6. l3gacy

    Audiobook Listeners: App Recommendation? (Android)

    For those that listen to audiobooks, do you have an app you use to play your files? I have been having a lot of trouble lately with the programs I have used. They keep resetting my playlist or forgetting my spot so I have to browse around hour long files until I find where I was. I have tried...
  7. l3gacy

    August - What fantasy book are you reading?

    Happy August, everyone. What are you working on this month? I'm listening to The Black Prism by Brent Weeks and reading The Grim Company by Luke Scull, a new book I'll be reviewing once I finish it.
  8. l3gacy

    American Gods on HBO

    Sorry if this was posted but I couldn't find it... how did we miss this? American Gods on HBO | Latest Series News, Trailers & Information I would paste some quotes but for some reason the forum hasn't let me paste things for a long time, so... you're gonna have to go read.
  9. l3gacy

    The Confession thread

    We all have dirty secrets about us... things you hide from the rest of the forum, things you don't acknowledge you are guilty of. But you know. You know what you've done, or not done. So, clean your soul and admit it here. My confessions: I have not read any Patrick Rothfuss book, nor are...
  10. l3gacy

    February 2013: What Fantasy book are you reading?

    Today, I finished A Memory Of Light on my way to work. Really good stuff, great ending! I'm a third of the way through The Daylight War, hopefully will get the review written and published before the official release date. I will probably start listening to Red Country for my commute now.
  11. l3gacy

    July - What are you reading?

    I'm listening to Captain's Fury, book 4 of 6 in Codex Alera. On my Kindle, I'm tackling Wrath of a Mad God, the final book in the Darkwar saga. I think I am going to need to take a Feist break after this-- this is the 7th book in a row I've read of his in an effort to catch up to where he is...
  12. l3gacy

    Brett's finished the first draft of Daylight War!

    From Peter Brett's blog (Peter V. Brett's Blog - The Daylight War is Over! - May 01, 2012 07:50): Good news for Brett fans! Hoping it's a bit better than the Desert Spear.
  13. l3gacy

    April - What are you reading?

    Sorry, I forgot to make an April Fools post this year. What are you reading this month? I'm about a third through Codex Alera book 1 (audio), and still about halfway through Serpentwar book 4.
  14. l3gacy

    Mistborn RPG coming...

    Brandon Sanderson's Blog - Announcing the Mistborn Video Game - March 26, 2012 00:00 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Best-selling Fantasy Writer Brandon Sanderson and Little Orbit team up to bring Mistborn Saga to Video games in 2013 Sanderson to pen original prequel to Mistborn Series for all-new...
  15. l3gacy

    Is Song of Ice and Fire in its "Mid-WoT" Phase?

    So consensus from just about anyone that has read Wheel of Time is that around book 7 (Crown of Swords) until book 11 (Knife of Dreams), the series starts to meander and doesn't progress very far. I happen to understand the necessity of what happened in those books and the groundwork that was...
  16. l3gacy

    March - What are you reading?

    I'm on Rage of a Demon King, book 3 in the Serpent War Saga by Feist. 16% through thusfar. Like I said in the February thread, I think the series has been entertaining and easy to read. It's not as good as Riftwar, but it's still interesting. The Midkemia books are supposed to be "Pug's story"...
  17. l3gacy

    Peter Brett's Demon Cycle - News/Updates

    From Peter's blog: Good to hear that we'll have more than three, and the way he is talking, he may end up pulling a Feist and just writing tons of loosely connected books in the same world. Fine and dandy, but when does the next one come out?! Source: Peter V. Brett's Blog - Daylight...
  18. l3gacy

    Sanderson has finished the first draft of AMOL

    From his twitter account on Dec 21: Ladies and gentlemen, A Memory of Light—the final book in The Wheel of Time—has been finished. As for when the book will come out, Tor should do an announcement soon. Revisions will take a good six months. So fall, I expect.mAnother common question: How...
  19. l3gacy

    January: What are you reading?

    I finished ADWD on new years. I couldn't decide on what to read so I started Ready Player One, which is sci-fi-ish and short.
  20. l3gacy

    Skyrim: Anyone getting it?

    10 days left until it comes out. I preordered on Steam so should be getting it digitally delivered to me a couple days ahead of the release. I am taking the following Monday off work so I can play it all weekend. Anyone else looking forward to it?