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  1. TCSimpson

    Douglas Hulick: Tales of the Kin

    Don't know how many have seen it. I feel for the guy. And I can relate.
  2. TCSimpson

    Thanks, BFB

    As one of the people who helped share my book on its free run that saw it climb next to Way of Kings in rank and gain 4 new reviews so far. Thank you, @TomTheBeliever
  3. TCSimpson

    FREE Epic Fantasy 10/3 and 10/4

    The first book in the Quintessence Cycle series is free today and tomorrow. Amazon US: Amazon UK: Your soul is your magic; the nobility will scheme and kill to steal it. Keedar Giorin still remembers the night when...
  4. TCSimpson

    More Stormlight Archive 3 Goodness

    More Goodness. First Chapter of the new book.
  5. TCSimpson

    Soulsworn: A Quintessence Cycle novel

    Yup, here it is, another story in the Quintessence Cycle universe. Soulsworn takes place between the events in Game of Souls and Soulbreaker. Priced at 99 cents as a new release sale. Madness. Death. Bounty hunters...
  6. TCSimpson

    New Stormlight Archive Story set AFTER WOR!!!

    Dive in!
  7. TCSimpson

    Your Favorite Fantasy Food

    Something a little different. Brian Jacques, G.R.R.M and others go into detail with their foods. Some of it often sounds almost like our own. However, when I read fantasy I like to hear about the exotic dishes, something that would make me picture how it would taste in my head. You know, a...
  8. TCSimpson

    Soulbreaker, The Quintessence Cycle Book 2

    Hey folks! I almost entitled this post "Here comes the Boom!" Just so it wouldn't be the same as any other place that I'll be posting the release of my latest book, Soulbreaker, Book 2 in the Quintessence Cycle. Book 1 did pretty well and was top 10 in Amazon's New Bestselling epic fantasy list...
  9. TCSimpson

    ASOIAF : Winds of Winter Excerpt Enjoy!
  10. TCSimpson

    Quintessence Cycle Kindle Countdown Deal

    Game of Souls, Book 1 in Quintessence Cycle is currently on sale for 99 cents on Amazon as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal that expires today. I'm very pleased to see the book next to work by some of my favorite authors.
  11. TCSimpson

    The Fourth volume in the Aegis of the Gods series has been published!

    I hardly ever speak about my work on these forums, but this week I published Embers of a Broken Throne, the fourth volume in the Aegis of the Gods epic fantasy series. In the aftermath of a titanic battle, Ancel and the remnants of his people are fleeing to Benez, a city reviled by the...
  12. TCSimpson

    Happy BFB Birthday to me.

    Yeah, I've been hanging around here for a year now. Wow. I used to only lurk, but can't believe it's been a year.
  13. TCSimpson

    Five Favorite PoV Characters.

    Piggybacking of Arya Stark's post, who are your most favorite PoV characters? Harry Dresden - Dresden Files Tyrion in ASoIaF Jordan's Matt in WoT (Emphasis on Jordan. I found Sanderson's Matt not as funny, and he admitted on twitter that it was the hardest character for him to write.) Jorg -...