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  1. Sandman

    Comic Books

    Let's talk about Comics. What are your favorites? What is your favorite story? Do you collect comics or only read one "periodically"?
  2. Sandman

    March 2015: What are you reading?

    I'm reading the Autumn Republic. Good book and good trilogy.
  3. Sandman


    Hello gang, this is an odd topic for a forum such as ours but I trust your opinions so here I am. I'm starting to get into photography and since my 8th grade daughter was just selected to play on the high school volleyball team I want to take good photos of her and the team. I don't have any...
  4. Sandman

    It's August: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    I'm not reading anything right now. However, I am looking forward to the Broken Eye later this month. What about the rest of you? Reading anything good or breathlessly waiting for your next book?
  5. Sandman

    Review of Tower Lord

    I saw this review of Tower Lord today and thought I'd share it with the group. Obviously he and I differ on our enjoyment of the book. What do you think of this review?
  6. Sandman

    Premier League

    I never thought there'd be much interest in a soccer/football thread but having found the World Cup thread today I stand corrected. Due to that interest I hope perhaps there would be interest in a thread on the Barclay's Premier League as well. My favorite team is Manchester United (Rooney...
  7. Sandman

    It's July: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    Surprised no one has created this thread yet! Must be reading Tower Lord. Now I'm going back to reading. :couchpotato: :bookworm: (Hmm I don't see a do not disturb smiley)
  8. Sandman

    Top 25 Best Fantasy Books

    How many of the Top 25 Fantasy Books have you read? I've read 9 and I tried two others which I could not finish. Hmmmm, not even half. Guess I should try to pick up some of the others.
  9. Sandman


    I've seen threads about favorite books, characters, villains, sword fighter, races and even foods and somehow I ended up thinking about titles. So, what is your favorite fantasy book Title?
  10. Sandman

    Favorite Fantasy game

    What is your favorite fantasy game? I've only played AD&D and Magic and I'm not familiar with many more than that.
  11. Sandman

    Point of View

    I'm curious to know what storytelling "point of view" do you prefer? I mentioned earlier that I'm currently reading the 1st book in the Dexter series. And I have learned that I prefer 3rd person narrative. Dexter is written in 1st person and I find myself periodically "pulled out" of the story...
  12. Sandman

    Sorcerer's Ring series by Morgan Rice

    Has anyone read any of these books? Over a period of time I have gotten the first seven kindle books for free and wondering if they are any good or not? The titles remind me of GRRM.............
  13. Sandman

    Favorite Fantasy Quotes from Authors

    I got the idea for this new thread from a post in the Underrated Fantasy thread by @Alucard pertaining to quotes. So, if you have favorite quotes, funny quotes or just interesting quotes from your favorite fantasy authors share with the rest of us. :D
  14. Sandman

    book ratings (needs a better title)

    I get daily notifications of free fantasy ebooks so I have picked up quite a few lately that sounded fairly interesting. However, the blurbs are not to be trusted so it is hard to know which are actually good, which are just a waste of time and which book I should read first. It is useless to...
  15. Sandman

    personal thanks

    I would like to publicly state my thanks to Ben. For the last week or so I have been unable to participate in the forums due to an inability to post, reply or comment however thanks to Ben I'm baaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk................................. Thank you Ben for...
  16. Sandman

    Rantings and Ravings

    I thought there should be a complaint department or at least a place to rant so I've started one. I find it unbelievable when a hardcopy book costs LESS than an ebook!!!!! I think if you have bought a hardcopy edition then you should be able to get an "e-copy" without being forced to buy the...
  17. Sandman


    Hello everyone, I'm Sandman and I’m a Rothfuss-holic and I need help. I want to read the Kingkiller Chronicles again. I have books on my shelf and/or my kindle that I have not read. Ever. Not once. I have “The Black Prism”. I have “Red Seas under Red Skies”. I have Abraham Lincoln Vampire...
  18. Sandman

    Kindness of strangers

    Hello everyone, I don't mean​ to spam but I would like your ​help - the kindness of​ strangers you might say. If ​any of you need a file sharing ​program and would like to try​ Dropbox I would greatly​ appreciate you using my ​referral link. If you download and install it you wil get 2gb of...
  19. Sandman

    Fantasy T-Shirts

    Hello everyone, I have a question and thought I'd come to the experts. I figured if anyoen would know it would be one fo you. I want to get some tshirts pertaiing to my favorite authors/books/characters. Is there a one-stop-shop that any of you could recommend as a trustworthy site that would...