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  1. vangel

    Skyrim Check the trailer it's awesome. Skyrim is the sequel of the acclaimed The Elder Scrolls, which btw to me are among the best RPG around. And I can't wait to play it, but I have to upgrade my PC to do that. According to the trailer for the first time...
  2. vangel

    Fantasy short stories

    I think that among fantasy readers it is more common to read BIG novels especially novels that belong to a serial rather than short stories, even though almost every fantasy writer has written collection/s of short stories. So I'm interested how many of you read short stories and if you do which...
  3. vangel

    Top 10 standalone books.

    What are your top 10 standalone novels? So far I've red several: 1.The Hobbit 2.I'm Legend 3.Good Omens That's probably all.
  4. vangel

    Pre-Tolkien fantasy books

    I am really interested in fantasy books written before or during Tolkien's life. Do you have some recommendations? I read in this forum that Mervyn Peake's "Gormenghast Trilogy" is great, not an easy read but worth the read. Thanks in advance.
  5. vangel

    Has anyone read "Day Watch" or its sequels

    In my nearest bookstore I stumbled upon the the tetralogy "Twilight Watch" by the Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko, so because there isn't a grand choice of fantasy books where I live I hesitated whether to buy the first book of the series or not. I would really appreciate if sb. in this forum...