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  1. João Ribeiro

    Sci-Fi Works That 'Blew Your Mind'

    Picking up on @Boreas idea for Fantasy books let's discuss the topic for Sci-fi books that opened your mind to concepts that were completely... erm alien. For me it was Songs of Different Earth from Arthur C. Clark. I mean I was a sci-fi movie glutton and this book shown me a totally new...
  2. João Ribeiro

    Sixth of the Dusk

    Ok, so I finally finished Sixth of the Dusk and here is my opinion of the book. Note that if you haven't finished the book, you may find spoilers ahead. So first of all, if this wasn't a Cosmere novella it would be pretty basic and dissatisfying. What makes it pop a bit is the questions it...
  3. João Ribeiro

    Back in business

    Hi all, First of all I would like to post a massive massive massive apology to the Malazan Book of the Fallen book club gang for leaving you guys out to dry. It's been a wild half a year in which I read absolutely nothing but work documents and parenthood stuff. The adjustment to the new job...
  4. João Ribeiro

    Quitting smoking, a log

    Hi all, sorry for this but I need some venting. I've decided to quit smoking for good after many relapses and I plan to have a log as an extra motivator, so I can come here and log another smoke-free day. So starting tonight I'm having something I feel I need. A "ceremony" to destroy my...
  5. João Ribeiro

    Ordering used books from Amazon

    Hi all. I was browsing Amazon uk for the next books to order in the Malazan series and found a couple of offers from 0.01 pounds on. Do you guys usually order used books? What is your experience? Does it pay to order those cheap used ones or are they usually in bad shape? Cheers.
  6. João Ribeiro

    Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Pool (Your Virtual Credits)

    Is it against the rules of the forum to start a betting pool? I'm not talking about real money. I have a rule written in stone to not gamble for money but let's say a token bet of 1000 credits on the Seahawks? Note that I don't know almost anything about American Football, I'm just going by the...
  7. João Ribeiro

    Seasons Greetings

    Hi all, just wanted to wish you all wherever you are and whatever you celebrate a fantastic Season's Greetings. Merry Chistmas, Happy Hanukah, a joyous Yule Tide, well you name, I just hope you enjoy it! Lots and lots of sweets and books!!!!
  8. João Ribeiro

    Proclamation of birth

    Hear ye! Hear ye! On the 7th of November of the year of Our Lord of 2013, Dinis, son of João of the House Ribeiro was born with 51cm and 3,5 Kgs. The child has black hair and brown eyes like his father. The seed is strong! The heir is born! So I had to share the news that kept me from...
  9. João Ribeiro

    Gardens of the Moon - Prologue and Chapters 1 and 2

    It's kick-off time. :) So after reading so much about the series complexity and great writing style, I was afraid to go into a "difficult" prose. Not so, after 5 minutes into it I find it quite pleasant and I just want to go to the next page and so on and so forth. Note, I've only read the...
  10. João Ribeiro


    Hi all! So we know that @Sneaky Burrito has some seriously regal cats so I'm curious, does anyone else have beloved non-human counterparts? Here is mine. He's a 5 year old German Sheppard Siberian Husky mix we rescued from a shelter when he was a month old. Used to fit in half a shoe box, now...
  11. João Ribeiro

    Malazan series Book Club

    Hear ye hear ye! Welcome to the new wave of the Malazan Book Club. So a bunch of us are planning this community read of the series by Erikson and Esslemont and this thread is to organize the multiple book club threads that will pop up in the coming months. We need to set a date to begin and as...
  12. João Ribeiro

    What Future Releases are you more excited about?

    So guys what books are you really really waiting for?Anything coming out late this year or 2014? Right now I'm jumping up and down for: Skin Game by Jim Butcher Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson Doors of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss Now, it's a more or less know fact that I'm oblivious...
  13. João Ribeiro

    The First Law comic

    Hi all. I don't know if this is only news to me but I decided to share. Did you guys know that The First Law is being adapted to a comic? It's available here: It gets regular updates so stay tuned. I'm just sad Logen looks nothing like Nathan Fillion as I...
  14. João Ribeiro

    Has anyone ever read the Demon Squad series by Tim Marquitz?

    Hi all! Like the title asks has anyone ever read the Demon Squad series by Tim Marquitz? I was browsing for alternatives to the Dresden Files since I'm only 1,5 books left and found it recommended but I'm not quite sure. Has anyone ever read his books? Amazon Link Thanks in advance for...
  15. João Ribeiro

    Magic the Gathering

    Hi all! Does anyone here play Magic the Gathering? I'm a bit of an enthusiast (though not a big spender because I already spend a few € on books and my wife would kill me) so just wondering if there are any other spellslingers around.
  16. João Ribeiro

    Speculation about "The Demon Cycle" Spoilers maybe?

    Hi all. I just wanted to share something that hit me yesterday. It's just speculation and honest word I don't know if this has already come up or not but here goes. I've only read up to Desert Spear and not all of it. The Demon Cycle is passed in America, not in Medieval times but in the...
  17. João Ribeiro

    Malazan Book of the Fallen or Wheel of Time

    Hi all. Well I'm almost through with the Demon Cycle 1,5 books left to read and I'm thinking of starting something a bit more epic. I'm torn between Malazan Book of the Fallen and Wheel of Time but since it will involve some money spending on a larger scale that my usual book spending money I...
  18. João Ribeiro

    My thoughts on the First Law trilogy's ending **** SPOILERS*****

    Back in the "December - What are you reading" topic Frizzo0133 asked me what I've thought about the First Law trilogy's ending since it is not consensual. Since the topic is now outdated I decided to create this new one. So to talk about my opinion about the end of the trilogy I must say...
  19. João Ribeiro

    Why is it that main characters never use axes?

    Hi all, I was thinking about this when I started planning on setting down and write something original and I just poped into my mind. Why is that the hero always uses a sword? I mean you have a couple of them that use bows but mostly it's always a sword. I get that whole phalic expansion...