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  1. Haven

    Those Below by Daniel Polansky

    This is the last book of Daniel Polansky's duology, the Empty Throne Series, and I was definitely hyped after reading the previous book, which I thought was excellent...even if it was freaking expensive :P This book, for me, delivered in all ways that could be delivered. Polansky's writing...
  2. Haven

    Morning Star by Pierce Brown

    Since nobody posted a thread about this, I thought I'd do it here. Technically this is not fantasy, but neither is this series full blown SF either. This book continues the breakneck pace that is the trademark of this series. So much happens in the space of a 100 pages that it leaves you in a...
  3. Haven

    Nightwise by R.S Belcher

    One of the better Dark Urban Fantasy books out there. The good: Borrows some new mythos and creates some fresh new ones of his own Superb writing, with a depth of research that elevates the quality of the book Dark, gritty and brutal, but well tempered with real emotional moments The bad...
  4. Haven

    The Traitor Baru Comorant by Seth Dickinson

    Frankly I quite liked this book. Strong female protagonist, some solid prose and nice cast of multi-faced characters.It's a bit more political than I usually like, but there is some action here and there to make up for it. The worldbuilding is also quite good. It's also quite a hefty read in...
  5. Haven

    Ruin by John Gwynne

    Unlike many, I did not particularly like the second instalment in this this tetralogy (Valour). The first book (Malice) was quite good, if somewhat uninspired..I appreciated it for the character building and the depth of narrative, and also because it was huge(in length)..which is more or less...
  6. Haven

    The Fifth Season by N.K Jemisin

    I personally happen to like most of N.K Jemisin's books since they are curveballs in this somewhat predictable fantasy world. This one is no exception. Strong female protagonists, a magic system based on manipulation of plate tectonics and geothermal energy and a post apocalyptic world which...
  7. Haven

    The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu

    Absolutely brilliant book in terms of prose,characters,story and setting. Definitely one of the best debuts of the year. I give it a solid 9, or at worst, an's that good
  8. Haven

    The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan

    A satisfying conclusion to one of the best flintlock fantasies out there. This book really is all about wrapping up the threads created by the first two in the trilogy. A lot of battles, both political, real and personal. Some really good tactical moments as well as political intrigue. The...
  9. Haven

    So this is on Richard K Morgan's blog

    Title I actually read this somewhere in December but it absolutely slipped my mind. Personally I'm excited about this, since in my humble opinion, RKM writes better SF than Fantasy. Thoughts ? (Tagging @btkong , since I know he shares my views, can't think of any others off the top of my head)
  10. Haven

    Best Endings in Fantasy

    So today I was slacking off(as usual) and decided to revisit the ending of the Dusk Watchman(and the series) by Tom Lloyd. And it struck me that it was one of the few series in which I felt the author really delivered the ending that was deserving to the characters and the readers. It tied up...
  11. Haven

    Can I change my title ?

    Just out of curiosity, can any of the staff members change titles ?(The one that appears below your name). Not that I don't like this one, but still, something unique would be nice :P
  12. Haven

    Tower Lord

    I hope @Danica and others will forgive me for being a bit presumptuous in making this thread, but lets face it, this is the only book you SHOULD be reading this month.! I'm still prowling ebook sites for my copy, hopefully will be out soon .
  13. Haven

    Calendar App/Site to track upcoming fantasy book releases ?

    So usually, my daily schedule to see if anything is released is to visit, in no particular order, sfsignal,sffworld,goodreads,amazon et al.. The problem is being the goldfish that I am,I'm always forgetting what comes out when :-( . So if any of you use an app or a site to keep track of...
  14. Haven

    Warhammer Series

    Here's the thing, I have a LOT of free time now and I keep running into these Warhammer 40k books, which I have never read(I have played a game or two).Since there were so many books and I didnt want to sift through all the reviews, I thought I'd ask here So, coming down to the questions 1)...