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  1. Jakyro

    It's February 2019: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I haven’t been reading a lot lately. 2018 has been a dissappointing year for my reading; I struggled a lot to finish some series/books. I’m currently more focused on sports; I’ve been running a lot, about 40km each week so it takes a lot of time from my reading. Besides that I’m spending a lot...
  2. Jakyro

    It's January 2019: What fantasy book are you reading?

    There’s also a tv series based on the book dating from 2002. I’ve seen several episodes but never saw the whole series. It has been a while but i liked it
  3. Jakyro

    Allan Batchelder, author of the Immortal Treachery series, will answer your questions!

    How’s the progress going on the fifth book?
  4. Jakyro

    It's September 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I didn't like him much either, but he really grew on me in the next books and has become one of my favourite characters in the series.
  5. Jakyro

    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    It’s 6 books. I’m also reading it now in order to thick off that one in the challenge. I’m currently reading the last book and should finish it after the weekend. Honestly, this has been a very bumpy ride. Some of the books were decent but others were plain boring. Maybe it’s me and I’m just...
  6. Jakyro

    It’s July 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    and the Malazans ... especially the marines :cool:
  7. Jakyro

    It's June 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I started The Tombs of Atuan, Earthsea Cycle #2 a couple of days ago. I've only read 15% so I can't say much for now there's just too much soccer on tv with the wc so I don't have much time left to read
  8. Jakyro

    It's June 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    That it’s slow paced certainly was a letdown after TBH and RG, but for me the story Just wasn’t as interesting. I really didn’t like the parts with the Tiste Andii ... and that I don’t like kruppe doesn’t help either
  9. Jakyro

    It's June 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    That’s my least favourite Malazan book from Erikson ... not bad, but it doesn’t compare to the others. It dors have a good ending
  10. Jakyro

    Dads Inc.

    Great News! Congratz !!!!
  11. Jakyro

    Get your Malazan fix: release date of Path to Ascendancy 3 announced!

    I'll probably read the whole series in 2019
  12. Jakyro

    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    Possibilities for a 2 book series: "Infinity Blade" by Brandon Sanderson "The Empty Throne" by Daniel Polansky I'm planning on reading one of these series for this challenge. People I follow on goodreads had good comments about these in the past. You could look into them if one of them fits...
  13. Jakyro

    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    I wanted to have some more diversity in my reading this year and the challenge has helped me in that. I had plans to read some specific series / books this year, but changed some of those plans to tick off even more challenges. I'm still reading books that were on my reading list, I just moved...
  14. Jakyro

    Pat Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle [spoilers] - the rambling review of an undecided reader

    I really regret buying Rothfuss’ books. I was really getting back into fantasy when I saw them at a decent Price. As I knew from the best of lists that this was one of the current top series in fantasy I bought both book 1 and 2. It was only afterwards that I learned that the third book was...
  15. Jakyro

    I went to 'Games of Thrones in concert' and it was amazing

    Great that you liked it! The performance is tonight in Antwerp. If I’d known earlier I would have considered going.
  16. Jakyro

    Book deals and discounts (post here)

    Thanks Khartun!!! I checked on and it’s 2,99 euro as well for the whole omnibus edition
  17. Jakyro

    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    Already heard before that the movie is really worth it. Apparently it also has a good soundtrack
  18. Jakyro

    It's May 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    That ending is indeed amazing. Great book in general and also one of my favourites in MBotF. I liked all books as from the Bonehunters, except TTH, that’s my least favourite book in the series
  19. Jakyro

    It's May 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    Currently reading Brandon Sanderson, Steelheart (Reckoners #1). It’s YA, but I’m liking it a lot so far. It's something you can expect from Sanderson; a fast paced and easy digestable read. Don't expect any complex or grey characters or an intricate plot, just a pleasant and entertaining read...
  20. Jakyro

    Need Your Advice

    I haven't tried audiobooks, but your first book isn't even that long according to me to be made into an audiobook. As Alucard says, if Malazan, ASOIAF, ... can be made into one audiobook than your books can also be made into one. Some of the Malazan books are +1000 pages.