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  1. Danica

    Lucifer- loosely based on The Sandman by Gaiman

    I have no idea how loosely or otherwise the show is based on the comics because I haven't read the comics. I do however watch the show and love it! Maybe it's the british accent, the attractive lead characters and the dry humour of Lucifer, but I just love the premise too! Anyone else...
  2. Danica

    Where are fantasy tropes in our real life?

    I thought about these as I was driving to a new place today. You know how super old characters (hundreds to thousands) in books always are really rich? All the really old characters in the 3 books I've read of the Iron Druid series are very wealthy. My thought was, no wonder it's accepted as...
  3. Danica

    Book club in different format for Jan/Feb?

    Maybe we can look a different kind of book club structure in 2016 ... let's join our combined experiences and try and develop something that will work for us! I really liked the flexibility of the Published books of 2015 thread. Comments could be as in-depth or as little as star ratings. I...
  4. Danica

    January 2016 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    It's 2016!! The start of another year! A time of resolutions, of excitement and promise! I'm reading The Grim Company by Scull and so far it's pretty good! To the new year, may we have great books and the time to read them! Cheers/ živjeli/ For Health
  5. Danica

    What book related presents are you giving this xmas?

    I am having a mug Christmas this year. Everyone is getting a mug. So far it is just a WoW murloc mug for my brother, a vintage batman mug for my dad and a cheshire cat one for my husband (so exciting typing that!) I bookmarked this website on my husband's comp haha hinting much?
  6. Danica

    December! What fantasy books are you reading?

    Me? No idea yet, but I'm thinking about it!
  7. Danica

    Another Author Interview

    I'm going to be interviewing an author by the name of Mitchell Hogan. His first book was launched a couple of days ago and I read it a few months ago as an ARC. You may have picked it up when it was available as a self published work. I was going to lead my questions to addressing the problem...
  8. Danica

    The Dinosaur Lords - Chapter 1 and 2

    I am reading the first chapter and all I can think is ' ahh it hurts my eyes" so much infodumping and new names and he fact that there is a battle of dinosaurs raging down below these two men seems to be inconsequential. Then we have have more names, more infordumping and at the end of Chapter 2...
  9. Danica

    Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - TV Show

    I have started watching it and I love it!! I haven't read the books and this isn't making me want to read them. Anyone else watching?
  10. Danica

    Half a War by Joe Abercrombie

    8/10 it was awesome and i loved every minute of it. Not new and original characters but i loves reading about them and some big twists at the end.
  11. Danica

    The March Competition!

    RULES! 1) A note written by you in a book you love, recommending to others and pointing them to our site. 2) the picture must show the book you are recommending, either by book cover, or your note says so. 3) The background must either show you are in a store (retail or second hand) in the...
  12. Danica

    march book club!

    There was only one option for the March book club and it is THE SKULL THRONE by Peter Brett. Now my amazon thing says it come out 31st of March, which isn't really that great. When does it come out for everyone else?
  13. Danica

    Danica's credit bonaza!

    Ok here is how we play this game. I come up with a challenge and the people who participate go in the draw to win a specified number of credits. Those of you new to BFB forums will see you can accumulate credits for posting, logging, making threads and stuff. These credits will at some point in...
  14. Danica

    2015 Bookclubs

    There will be a poll a month prior to establish if a bookclub will go ahead. So your best to participate if you want and remember you can always come back to the threads if you read the book later and want to discuss it! There is a Feb poll already underway! February: 1. Half the World (#2)-...
  15. Danica

    Feb's bookclub poll

    Head over to the bookclub thread for links and stuff. Just vote here. don't vote unless you are going to participate please. If you still want to voice your opinion but can't participate feel free to comment!
  16. Danica

    Providence of Fire

    This isn't technically a book club. If i had have been more organised it would have. Now answer me this people (@Jon Snow @Griffin @Haven and @Sneaky Burrito ) who have read the book. WHY THE FUCK IS KALADEN SO STUPID???
  17. Danica

    Bookclub Nominations (2015)

    Alright it is bookclub thoughts time guys! Any and All thoughts are welcome alright here are our suggestions. any and all of them (even the damn dinosaur lords). We will do a vote for the month ahead. So we will do two this month, for feb and march so people know what is coming up and it won't...
  18. Danica

    Got any questions for Joe Abercrombie?

    I am beside myself with giddy excitement, I am getting the opportunity to interview Mr Abercrombie and would love your help to come up with some questions for him!
  19. Danica

    Want to help Danica picks songs for her wedding?

    this is delegation at it's best/worst. This particular item on the wedding list of things to do just keeps getting passed around and it is too hard. We love music but it might help to ask a wider audience with a more varied music taste. We have the dance one (i wanted something everyone would...
  20. Danica

    Reading Resolutions

    While we are taking the time to look back at the year that has been, let us take a moment to look forward. I think for me this year I want to start churning through members bests. I have done a lot from Ben's list and just new fav authors but I ready for something different. So next year i'm...