1. D.N.Frost

    Anyone need a book review?

    Hello, indie authors of BFBF! Would you like me to review your published book? I looked through the posted critique requests, but most of them seem to be super old posts about unpublished manuscripts. I love reading, and I love writing about what I read on my blog. I write in-depth book reviews...
  2. D.N.Frost

    Literary Fantasy - do you read it?

    Hi everyone! I've recently come across the idea that literary value + magic = the Literary Fantasy sub-genre. So I joined with a question for dedicated fantasy readers: Do you read Literary Fantasy as its own sub-genre? Or are you more likely to root around your preferred fantasy sub-genre...
  3. G

    Book like Swiss Family Robinson - The survival aspect

    I have been searching high and low for a book like Swiss Family Robinson. Just surviving and thriving with basically nothing from the modern world. The closest i have come to such a book are post apocalypse books. However, i don't like zombies all that much. I like farming, foraging and such...
  4. S

    The Girl I Knew by John Alexander

    I have to be honest but I am quite disappointed with this book. The author somewhat utilized the same writing technique as S. Meyer's. The story plot was very superficial and boring at the same time.
  5. J

    The Darklings

    Hello, My name is jamie, and I am the author of several books, two of which are horror novels. I am trying to raise money to get on my feet and get my daughter back, so please, if you enjoy horror, and a good read, please visit Lulu com and search Jamie Townsend. I would deeply appreciate your...
  6. M

    Star Wars Books

    Apparently OMNI magazine comes up as one of the first results for Star Wars Books. Pretty cool that they're back in action. My dad used to talk about them all the time. Link - Anyways, off to see The Force Awakens!
  7. wakarimasen

    Who are the "right" people?

    So this is inspired by a tweet from Mark Lawrence where he was saying that he had been approached by lots of people to do games/films/graphic novels of the Broken Empire series, but not the right people. A pal of mine suggested that the right person to do the film of the Broken Empire would be...
  8. wakarimasen

    Would you be more likely to buy a hardback...

    ... if it came with a voucher for the ebook version of the story? This comes from our interview with Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London). We ended on the tricky question of what would you ask the forum members if you could. Mr. A's idea was that early adopters would pay £13.99 (or equivalent)...