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    Does anyone know this vampire series?

    Does anyone know this vampire series? A pchics mother and 5-10 year old daughter being hunted by evil vampires but saved by good vampires. The little girl can see the future and dreams of a half demon/vampire boy. Mentioning of soulmates/blood Bond . Has other supernatural creatures in it demons...
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    The Darklings

    Hello, My name is jamie, and I am the author of several books, two of which are horror novels. I am trying to raise money to get on my feet and get my daughter back, so please, if you enjoy horror, and a good read, please visit Lulu com and search Jamie Townsend. I would deeply appreciate your...
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    Demorn: Blade of Exile, by David Finn. 99 cent sale!

    Hi everybody! My new fantasy adventure novel, Demorn: Blade of Exile has just been released! Book One in The Asanti Series. I'm running a 99 cent Kindle sale all the way to Xmas, and I would strongly appreciate and encourage anybody interested to check it out...