1. R

    SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE by Ted White, from ReAnimus Press

    New from ReAnimus Press: SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE by Ted White http://ReAnimus.com/1587?s=s3 (available in both ebook and paperback [$11.99, 194 pages]) As a newly minted graduate of space school, Paul lands space station duty and is given the tricky and dangerous assignment...
  2. Jonathan Bowerman

    Now Available as EBook

    Hey fellow fantasy lovers! Recently - early June - book one of The Hidden Elves series was released and I am super excited to announce that it is now available as ebook through amazon.com. When The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning was released I had more than a handful of...
  3. Matticus Primal

    Free e-book promo case study

    Inspired by @jo zebedee 's wonderful paid promotion site breakdown, I thought I'd offer my own free e-book promotion incident as a case study in case anyone can find anything useful here. First off, I'm trying to avoid shameless self promotion, but a little background is in order to understand...
  4. ABatch

    A Bargain!

    I know everyone here has it already, but I thought I'd let you know Steel, Blood & Fire is now (and for the foreseeable future) 99 cents for Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Steel-Blood-Fire-Immortal-Treachery-ebook/dp/B00AW53RMQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458097450&sr=8-1&keywords=steel+blood+%26+fire
  5. M

    Free eBook - New Fantasy Novel

    Hello all! I am a new author and I've just published a new fantasy novel called The Empty One. It is written in the style of an epic poem, and I would love some feedback on it from some fantasy enthusiasts! You can see it on Amazon, just search The Empty One by Matthew Stanley. I am giving...