1. GiovanniDeFeo

    Best 10 portal fantasy novels with kid protagonist?

    Hi, as the title of this thread states I'd like to know what are yours. It is for a serious research I am making on the topic. Protagonist must be teenagers/ children. Mine are: - The Never-ending story - The Thief of Always - The Phantom Toolbooth - Alice in the wonderland/ in the...
  2. B

    Tips for fantasy authors trying to get their first book rolling.

    It's 2:15 on a Monday, I have insomnia, and this forum looks like it could use some livening up. Let's do this. The fantasy market circa 2017 is crowded. If you want to have a successful debut novel, you need to combine quality, a work ethic, advertising, and social media. Here are a few tips...
  3. S

    Grazing the Sky - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Hi everyone, I recently published Grazing the Sky, a book that's primarily fantasy and sci-fiction with a romantic side-plot/undertone. Below is the synopsis. "We search, we hope, and we find a way to get your life restored." For the past few weeks, Lance has been haunted by a nightmare...
  4. Jonathan Bowerman

    Now Available as EBook

    Hey fellow fantasy lovers! Recently - early June - book one of The Hidden Elves series was released and I am super excited to announce that it is now available as ebook through When The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning was released I had more than a handful of...
  5. Hank Garner

    Terry Brooks talks about ending Shannara on his own terms, how Sword is a mix of Tolkien and Faulkne

    I interviewed Terry Brooks this week.
  6. Jonathan Bowerman

    "A New Adventure Contest"

    Good morning fantasy lovers! I am running a contest (No purchase necessary) on my website, By visiting the website and clicking on the email icon at the top right of the screen you will be prompted to send me an email directly. Two things will happen when/if you do...
  7. Noor Al-Shanti

    Worlds that stand out and stay with you!

    I did some searching and then decided to just start a new thread anyway! Please feel free point me in the right direction if there's already a thread for this, but some discussions here and elsewhere have made me really want to discuss world-building and I thought I'd start a thread. What...
  8. Broke Guys Productions

    The Scholar, the Sphinx, and the Shades of Nyx (A.R. Cook)

    Although this book was published before 2016, the final book in the trilogy was published last year. Now, you won't have to wait for each book like I did. A.R. Cook's excellent historical fantasy stories are short and fast-paced, while being rich with characterization, imagery, and enough...
  9. R

    The Once and Future King: Just a general forum

    Alright, so I'm sitting procrastinating from doing work, and I'm wondering: Hey, I wonder if anyone else has anything to think about The Once and Future King by T.H. White? It's just one of those books that grew on me. I disliked it at first, then, after a while, I became convinced of its worth...
  10. D.N.Frost

    Anyone need a book review?

    Hello, indie authors of BFBF! Would you like me to review your published book? I looked through the posted critique requests, but most of them seem to be super old posts about unpublished manuscripts. I love reading, and I love writing about what I read on my blog. I write in-depth book reviews...
  11. D.N.Frost

    Literary Fantasy - do you read it?

    Hi everyone! I've recently come across the idea that literary value + magic = the Literary Fantasy sub-genre. So I joined with a question for dedicated fantasy readers: Do you read Literary Fantasy as its own sub-genre? Or are you more likely to root around your preferred fantasy sub-genre...
  12. Brandon Stubbs

    Suggest a Horror Historical Fiction or Low Fantasy

    Hi everyone, I've been in the mood to read a horror book, but I haven't found a good one. I'm looking for something more or less historical - nothing paranormal, too gory, or too modern. I considered reading Bram Stoker's Dracula - I've always wanted too - but it is LONG and I don't have...
  13. GiovanniDeFeo

    Rhetoric of fantasy: portal, immersive, invasive.

    I am reading this book called Rhetoric of fantasy. Its author argues there are three (actually four) kind of fantasy from how the fantasytic is accessed by the reader. Portal, when the main character travels to the fantastic. Immersive, when the main character is immersed in the fantastic...
  14. K

    Launch Promotion!

    99cent launch promo for Millennium Malevolence until next Tuesday! Look up ASIN # n Amazon! B01N7Q7DJ2
  15. robert eggleton

    Rarity from the Hollow Available for Critique

    Hi, Available Free for Honest Review but please read this post fully so that it's a good fit to your interests and comfort zones: Please consider reviewing Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, an adult social science fiction novel published by a traditional small press. The second...
  16. C

    Code of Rainbow (YA magic fantasy) mark down to $0.99, with periodical free promotion

    Hi, here's the new book Code of Rainbow. It's a young adult magic fantasy that has just been released. I wish I knew this place earlier - the free promotion just ran out two days ago. But it's currently marked down to $0.99 for kindle. The free promotion will be held roughly once a week, so...
  17. D

    Please help me find the name of the book

    About ten years ago i read the book in fantasy genre. The book was on russian language but i guess it doesnt matter. It contained two part story. So here is what i do remember. First story was about a son of wealthy trader. He supose to travel to a different land far from his homeland to...
  18. wakarimasen


    Just from thinking about it for another thread I've realised that I don't know too many fantasy standalone novels. So let's see what people recommend. Rules are it can't be part of a series, even if the plot is standalone. A singular window into another world (By which I mean the Hobbitt is not...
  19. Hank Garner

    New Robin Hobb Interview

    Interview with Robin Hobb posted this week.
  20. Fran

    Books similar to Court of Thorns and Roses or Court of Mist and Fury

    Hi there, I'm an avid fantasy romance reader and in need of new book suggestions. I stumbled over this fantastic site and wondered if you might help me. I'm a big fan of Sarah J. Maas' books. From a romance point of view, it's great because it's never predictable. The heroine starts out with...