1. ABatch

    Grimdark Anthology

    Here's a grimdark anthology featuring short-stories by a number of up-and-coming authors, including yours, truly. My particular effort takes place in the same world as Immortal Treachery and gives a few hints and spoilers as to what's coming in the fifth and final installment! Blackest Knights
  2. Anti_Quated

    Chronicles of the Black Company review

    Wow. Flabbergasted and awe-struck. This book, to be blunt, is f**king incredible. What a ride! I know many of you have already read it, but I wanted to share my review to contribute, and because I cannot heap enough effusive and grandiloquent praise upon this book, and gratitude upon the BFB...
  3. ABatch

    A Bargain!

    I know everyone here has it already, but I thought I'd let you know Steel, Blood & Fire is now (and for the foreseeable future) 99 cents for Kindle.
  4. ABatch

    Shameless Groveling

    A few of you have one of these spectacular hoodies already, but I'm trying to raise money for cover art for Book Four. If you're a fan, this is for you! If you already possess one, testify, my brothers!
  5. ABatch

    Not So Secret Santa!

    You guys have been great to me this year, and, in return, I will buy five people Kindle copies of any one of my three books OR a Kindle copy of my friend's vampire book (see link). Wish I could do more than five, but it is what it is. The first five who message me are in, and Happy Holidays...
  6. ABatch

    Corpse Cold (Book Three of Immortal Treachery) is FREE...

    On Kindle for a few days. Free!