1. T

    My Stephen King booklist. What's yours?

    Hello out there! I’m posting a list of all of the Stephen King books that I have read! What’s your list? 1)Baby Babyluv 2)Carrie 3)Cujo 4)The dark tower: The gunslinger 5)The dark tower: The drawing of the three 6)The dark tower: The wastelands 7)The dark tower: Wizard and glass 8)Duma...
  2. Broke Guys Productions

    Weaveworld by Clive Barker

    While it's technically dark fantasy, this novel by horror mastermind Clive Barker is one of my favorites. I'd rather not spoil anything for you, just provide a strong recommendation to find it and read it. I will only say this as a warning; there is one pacing issue in the book. If you can make...
  3. W

    Choice of books

    Have you been waiting for a novel since you first learned to read that defines everything you wanted in a novel? This website has one in almost every genre, a horror, a sci-fi, a rock novel,
  4. Brandon Stubbs

    Suggest a Horror Historical Fiction or Low Fantasy

    Hi everyone, I've been in the mood to read a horror book, but I haven't found a good one. I'm looking for something more or less historical - nothing paranormal, too gory, or too modern. I considered reading Bram Stoker's Dracula - I've always wanted too - but it is LONG and I don't have...
  5. J

    The Darklings

    Hello, My name is jamie, and I am the author of several books, two of which are horror novels. I am trying to raise money to get on my feet and get my daughter back, so please, if you enjoy horror, and a good read, please visit Lulu com and search Jamie Townsend. I would deeply appreciate your...
  6. M

    70s Horror

    Any 70's horror fanatics? Looking for something like "The Incredible Melting Man". Any suggestions?