1. D.N.Frost

    Anyone need a book review?

    Hello, indie authors of BFBF! Would you like me to review your published book? I looked through the posted critique requests, but most of them seem to be super old posts about unpublished manuscripts. I love reading, and I love writing about what I read on my blog. I write in-depth book reviews...
  2. D.N.Frost

    Literary Fantasy - do you read it?

    Hi everyone! I've recently come across the idea that literary value + magic = the Literary Fantasy sub-genre. So I joined with a question for dedicated fantasy readers: Do you read Literary Fantasy as its own sub-genre? Or are you more likely to root around your preferred fantasy sub-genre...
  3. Keelan

    Bits and Pieces

    I'll get right to the point. I used to read fantasy series one after the other, not starting one until my current one was finished. Now I've found that I read different parts from different series, eventually finishing them in their entirety. It's due to the fact that I have so many books now...