1. D.N.Frost

    Anyone need a book review?

    Hello, indie authors of BFBF! Would you like me to review your published book? I looked through the posted critique requests, but most of them seem to be super old posts about unpublished manuscripts. I love reading, and I love writing about what I read on my blog. I write in-depth book reviews...
  2. M

    A complicated person to recommend a book to... Please Help!!!

    Ok, first I'm from Argentina and my main language is Spanish, so sorry for any grammatical or misspelling mistake. Second and most important, I’m looking for my next reading material and every time i check reviews to choose the next book I'll read, I end up frustrated because no one, it seems...
  3. robert eggleton

    Rarity from the Hollow Available for Critique

    Hi, Available Free for Honest Review but please read this post fully so that it's a good fit to your interests and comfort zones: Please consider reviewing Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, an adult social science fiction novel published by a traditional small press. The second...