1. S

    Grazing the Sky - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

    Hi everyone, I recently published Grazing the Sky, a book that's primarily fantasy and sci-fiction with a romantic side-plot/undertone. Below is the synopsis. "We search, we hope, and we find a way to get your life restored." For the past few weeks, Lance has been haunted by a nightmare...
  2. Fran

    Books similar to Court of Thorns and Roses or Court of Mist and Fury

    Hi there, I'm an avid fantasy romance reader and in need of new book suggestions. I stumbled over this fantastic site and wondered if you might help me. I'm a big fan of Sarah J. Maas' books. From a romance point of view, it's great because it's never predictable. The heroine starts out with...
  3. L

    In need of a new "Mead"

    Hey all, In desperate need of book suggestions. My fav book series have to be: Dark Swan and the Georgia Kincaid series. I am finding Richelles newer books to be a little too 'PG' for me. Ive recently read the glittering court and soundless - I found there wasn't the same connection with the...
  4. C

    The Duchess de Nuit: A Tale of Lust and Blood (2015)

    SYNOPSIS: "Brimming with lush eroticism, sensual imagery, and rich historical detail, Angelique's story begins in 18th century France when she is forced to marry the Duke of Annecy. The sadistic aristocrat subjects his young, pretty wife to unspeakable abuse and misery. Her life changes...
  5. LexieS17

    Any Romance in Malazan Empire?

    I'm looking at possibly reading the Malazan Empire soon and I just wanted to know these books have any romance? I'll likely still read them if they don't but I just wanted to know. THANKS!