2017 Reading Resolutions


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Do you have any reading resolutions for 2017?

I am definitely, categorically, absotively, not burdening myself with any this time round, after failing miserably with accomplishing any resolution I've set myself for the past few years. I will, however, do the Goodreads Reading Challenge again.

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I don't set anything. I read what I read when I want to read it. I go to the library and pick up things I never would have otherwise.

I do have a couple of friends' books out that I will want to get to. But mostly I don't do reading goals. I just read. :)


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I usually get 7-10 books for Christmas and my birthday (which falls close to each other), so my resolution each year tends to be to read every book I received as a gift - this doesn't sound like a big number, but most of these tends to be non-fiction (usually literary criticism or aesthetic philosophy) that "pulls some teeth out", as we say here.

Other than that, I'll try and expand my horizon of the fantasy writers in the last decade or so, names I see bandied around often. I read Brent Weeks a few weeks (hah) ago, and I'll go through any other name I recognise at my library. Lastly, I'll try and pick up a few more indie writers, in part because I am one, and in part just to explore that field - it's fresh and exciting, and you can often pick up these books for free, so there's no buyer's remorse. I've read two this year (both for free), including The Woven Ring by our very own @Matticus Primal, which I can recommend to anyone that enjoys the idea of American Civil War and simple, well-constructed magic systems with lots of potential.

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Well seeing as I am just now completing 2015's resolution (finish WoT, Thomas Covenant, and Malazan -- about 100 pages left of The Crippled God to go and the other two are done), perhaps I shouldn't make any. I had kind of a low-reading year in 2016 so I will just say I hope to finish more books in 2017 than I did in 2016. That is setting the bar pretty low but is probably manageable.


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Well seeing as I am just now completing 2015's resolution (finish WoT, Thomas Covenant, and Malazan -- about 100 pages left of The Crippled God to go and the other two are done), perhaps I shouldn't make any. I had kind of a low-reading year in 2016 so I will just say I hope to finish more books in 2017 than I did in 2016. That is setting the bar pretty low but is probably manageable.
Congrats on the Malazan achievement!

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Congrats on the Malazan achievement!
Thanks. It was only one book, to be fair. I'd read the first 9 some years ago, as they came out.


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I guess my resolution is to catch up on my fantasy classics. :). Thanks to input from this board I have plenty to read!

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My resolution for this coming year is stopping myself from buying too many books, and working through the wonderful selection I already have waiting enthusiastically to be read.

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I am wrapping up my 2016 reading resolution, which was to read the Discworld series. For 2017 I don't have any particular goals in mind.

jo zebedee

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I don't really do reading resolutions: reading just happens to me, without me having to make any resolutions about it.

On the other hand, I do have writing resolutions... :)

Ah, yes, those... And deadlines. And a desperate hope my first foray into fantasy goes down well since I'm writing another (as well as the sequel to Inish Carraig, what seems to be turning into my cult hit) - and that is, I think, why I don't set reading plans. Sometimes when I'm writing I avoid reading new material (I'm okay with rereading) and given the amount I have to keep up with, reading might be on the back burner for a while.

David Sims

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Finish reading Guy Gavriel Kay's books. I've finished The Fionavar Tapestry, Tigana, The Lions of Al-Rassan, A Song for Arbonne, and Sailing to Sarantium. I'm reading Lord of Emperors now (65%). Remaining: Under Heaven, River of Stars, The Last Light of the Sun, and Children of Earth and Sky.

Buy City of Miracles (Divine Cities #3) by Robert Jackson Bennett on 2 May 2017. ← notice! notice!

Read the Magic by the Numbers trilogy by Lyndon Hardy.

Read The Night Circus, by Erin Morganstern.

Read The Grand Ellipse, by Paula Volsky.

Finish The Wheel of Time (Jordon & Sanderson). I haven't got to the last two books yet.

Get further along in Malazan (Steven Erikson). I've read through House of Chains. Next up: Midnight Tides.

Finish The Saga of Recluce (L.E. Modesitt Jr.). I haven't read the most recently published three books yet.

Try to get started on the books by...
Miles Cameron
Mark Lawrence
Holly Lisle
Scott Lynch
Pierce Brown
Bradley P. Beaulieu
Robert Jackson Bennett
Patricia McKillip
Juliet Marillier
Stephen R. Donaldson
Brian McClellan
Robin McKinley (The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword)
Lois McMaster Bujold (her fantasy stories, Chalion, etc.)
Lynn Flewelling
Michael J. Sullivan
Melanie Rawn
Michelle West
Anthony Ryan
Dan Simmons
Clifford D. Simak (short fiction)
Patrick Rothfuss
Brian Staveley
Mary Stewart
Matthew Woodring Stover
Jo Walton
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Kurt Vonnegut
Jim Butcher
Django Wexler
Martha Wells
Gene Wolfe
James Barclay
Paul O. Williams
David Gemmell
Alastair Reynolds
Dima Zales
Allan Batchelder

I also resolve to get on Amazon and suggest that a Kindle editions be made of Sean Russell's Moontide Magic Rise and River Into Darkness series, at last 100 times during the year.
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After many, many years of thinking about getting started with Malazan Book of the Fallen, I finally read Gardens of the Moon this year. So I resolve to read more Malazan.

I resolve to read more Sci-Fi books.

I resolve to try out new (for me) authors. Half the books I read this year were from authors whose previous works I am already familiar with. I should branch out more.

I resolve, as every year, to read more books. I had a Goodreads Reading Challenge target of 20 books this year. As of now, I've done 17. I will certainly finish the audiobook I'm listening to, so that's 18. If I get time to read more, I might finish the other book I'm reading, so that will hopefully make it 19. Challenge failed. Which, I'm sure, would come as a shock to some of my fellow members here, for who failing to read a modest 20 books in a whole year is probably unfathomable. But I'm a slow reader.

Let's hope I do better in 2017.


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I'm skipping this year. I'm still gonna do GR reading challenge, but not any specific challenges like this year. I failed in this My 2016 reading project spectacularly, reading only 6 out of 20 (either partial or complete series).
I'll continue reading kids and middle-grade fantasy from that list of twenty, but it wont be a challenge.


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Not really a new year resolution, but I decided to try and get back to several book series that I liked over the last few years and for some reason decided not to continue immediately at the time:
Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (read the first 8)
Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (read book 1)
Old Man's War by John Scalzi (read books 1 and 2)
Culture series by Iain Banks (read books 1-3 and, for some reason, book 8)
Expanse series by James Corey (read book 1)
Red Queen trilogy by Mark Lawrance (read book 1)
Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown (read book 1)

I'll also probably read the rest of Richard Morgan's standalone books (Market Forces and Black Man/Thirteen) and, when it will be published, the third book in the Divine cities series by Robert Jackson Bennett.


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In 2015 I've managed to read around 58 books.

I`ve challenged myself to read 100 books in 2016, but unless I cheat a lot, it won't happen. I've finished about 81 books so far this year( ~1.5 books per week, yay) which is nice. But if I am to be completely honest here I would've prefered to accomplish the 100 books goal. Still 16mil. + fantasy words in a year is quite much compared to my previous years.

So I`d probably try for the same goal in the coming year - 100 books. Life and health I might be able to do it. Although I am hoping to be able to do some writing too and it would be an interesting game of deciding between the two day in and day out. :) Still - I feel grateful that I have a line of work that lets me keep up with my fantasy books fascination. :)