2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

Noor Al-Shanti

Is a wondrous friend of modest Kruppe
It’s 6 books. I’m also reading it now in order to thick off that one in the challenge. I’m currently reading the last book and should finish it after the weekend. Honestly, this has been a very bumpy ride. Some of the books were decent but others were plain boring.

Maybe it’s me and I’m just not really into older books, but I feel the series is a bit outdated. Maybe you’re more into this kind of stuff.

It's been quite a while since I read the Earthsea books. I'm not even sure if I finished them all, but I do remember being a bit underwhelmed and bored. Not too much... just... it wasn't the most gripping stuff. I remember thinking I liked reading her commentary on writing more than her actual writing haha. But UK LeGuin had a newer fantasy series that was, in my opinion, a bit better than Earthsea. There were maybe three books in that series...