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    So, long ago on this site, I was blinded by hubris into undertaking a blog series about ideals and stereotypes of heroes through the ages. I've posted the link to new posts in the old thread as they were published, but with this one, I felt it was better with a proper thread. The previous posts were generally gracious guests posts by members of this forum, and now that has been concluded, I wanted to pile the links together and show the contributors from this forum. The series is also done with its groundwork of introducing our subject matter and doing some initial analysis, which I wanted to celebrate with a forum thread.

    The Catalogue (so far):
    Irish Edition: Overview of Irish myths and tales, by @jo zebedee
    Going Indo-European: Discussion of the primordial cauldron of our mythology, by @Peat
    Greek Gifts: The role and importance of Prometheus, by @Anti_Quated
    Norse Gods: Exactly what it says on the tin
    Archetypes for the Ages: Analysis of heroic archetypes in mythology

    As more blog posts are written (and should anyone feel they have a guest post in them that pertains to the matter, feel free to contact me), I'll update the list and post about it here. And thanks to everyone on the list who contributed!
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