A fantasy prequel short story about a "elf"


Possibly a Darkfriend
A fantasy prequel short story about a "elf" that comes to a farm/lodging house and meets a human woman and they fall in love but not soulmate love more like FWB.

I read it like 3-5 years ago an (ex)friend had it on her computer, I am quite sure it was a prequel to a longer fantasy series. The book had a adult feel to it and it had some sex just not explicit.

I think they were sort of "soul-friends" as close as you can be without being soulmates.
The book ended with that the elf(not sure that it was called elf) and woman had a child together but the woman never told him of the child because of a war and that the elf had found his "soulmate".

The woman was also married(to a human) but he var a drunk/hit her or something so she had thrown him out or maybe he just wasn't home at the time. I am also somewhat sure that the child was female.

I think that the next book was about the (now grown) child, and maybe how she met her "soulmate"


Possibly a Darkfriend
I remember more, I think the whole story was sort of a how did that happened, for I think the last scene was of the daughter and how she meet a VIP in the forest and that they were soulmates/truemates( or WTF the book called it) or destined to travel together. And she was secretly half-elven or something, something.......