A Plague of Swords (The Traitor Son Cycle 4) by Miles Cameron


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Been looking forward to this one -- one of my most anticipated. And it's out.

Post your ratings (out of 10) if you've read it. I'm reading through this over the next week.

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I did buy this one as soon as it was released. The release date price was $11.99, which is a penny below my maximum price for buying an ebook. So I have it, and it's waiting its turn to be read on my Kindle.


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I'm about to start this one too. Very excited. It's probably my most anticipated this year.

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I'm maybe 2/3 through. I found the first part a little slow, I guess because it was kind of like aftermath from book 3, but new things are happening now and we are visiting some places we haven't been before and that is more fun.


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I decided to keep a running post as I progress through the book, because the beginning threw me and I actually quit for a while. Now that I'm 1/3 into it, and it's changed a lot, I realize that Cameron was skillfully creating other storylines which now become much more interesting and meaningful to what's happening now. Not much Red Knight and that's good, because that way he's broadening the scope into very interesting areas. My already very high opinion of his writing skills actually have gone up another notch.

At 50% we're back with Gabriel and the company and the various armies, the usual Red Knight stuff. Gathering together, not fighting yet. The only battles have been at the very beginning and they didn't involve any familiar characters.

65% and we are still watching the main characters get ready, and finally enjoying some down time. Little action has occurred, which doesn't bother me. There are some situations on the seas in this book and I like that being an old salt myself.

Finished it a few days ago and gave it some time to see how I felt. Great book, just less action than the previous three. But lots of new stuff is introduced, as well as some cool new characters. The story advances a lot even without gigantic battles involving Gabriel; there are a couple big ones early on that provide background for the rest of the book. Several satisfying plot developments but again, complete resolution of everything will occur in the next and final book. Obviously it will be my most anticipated for late 2017, right next to the third volume in the Ill-Made Knight series by his alter ego Christian Cameron.

As an aside, I find it fascinating to compare and contrast his writing style in his fantasy versus his historical fiction. If you think his attention to detail is good here, it's nothing compared to the other tale, in which only magic is missing, naturally. Real historic events but with his fictional protagonist going from street urchin in London to...you really have to read Ill-Made Knight if you like chivalry and medieval times.

I give this book 9.5/10.
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Ok, I FINALLY finished it.

Overall, a good continuation of the series with a pretty good ending and some good battle scenes, as expected. I found I had mixed feelings -- not as good as the last book for me, maybe a bit weaker than the second book.

Too many parts dragged along and I felt that a significant portion of the book was simply characters just posturing and talking and debating with little in the way of things actually happening. Parts of the book would go on and on with very little happening, then something big would happen suddenly, then anotehr 100 pages of nothing, then something big, then another long drag on.

I feel the best scenes are always when Cameron tells a smaller tale with a small band of characters surviving against great odds in 'the Wild'. There were a few parts in the book that detailed this, and frankly, those were the best parts of the book -- relentlessly exciting and a real demonstration that Cameron, when he's in his groove, is one of the best in the genre. Regrettably, the book would shift to the far more boring politicking parts.

Overall, a good book, but it did feel more like a shoe in for the next. I'd give it a 7-7.5/10. It's better than a lot of other books this year, but the long dragged out parts knocked down my score.

If you've read the other three books though, definitely something you'll want to read.



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Not a bad book, but too much of a set-up for the final installment for my tastes, with too little screen-time for some of my favorite characters and lacking the glorious battles and the streams of minutiae of the previous books – 6,5