A world where certain people can use magic sounds/ sound combinations to control others


Possibly a Darkfriend
So the premise (as I recall it) is that you can "unlock" anyone by using certain sound combinations (and once a person is unlocked you can control him- make him do whatever you want). There are quite a few sound-combinations that are more or less general, but then you can also discover new ones and /or adjust them to individuals. Then there's an organization that trains people to be able to use those powers and yada yada ;p

At the beginning there's this girl who's being approached by 2 others, and they test her, and she eventually passes and gets accepted for training with their organization
then there's the whole story of a "haunted" city in the background where anybody who enters goes nuts and kills himself..
something along those lines
I've read it a few years back and it was just released.. so I'd say 2012/3-insh for print year

Cheers :)

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