Aargghh...that mustache!

Alice Sabo

Knows how to pronounce Kvothe
Went to see the Murder on the Orient Express last night. There was a mustache that took over the whole show.

I'm not kidding. You cannot stop staring at that hairy thing looping across his face. It had a life of it's own.

I was looking forward to seeing the brilliant cast working together...but the mustache stole every scene. Except maybe the scene that was shot from the ceiling where we could only see the top of people's heads for a very long time. Maybe they thought the audience would need a rest from the mustache. I certainly did.


Journeyed there and back again
Did they stick to the book, or spice it up some?

I'm just thinking that it's not the best book to adapt to the big screen, especially for modern moviegoers who expect lots of explosions.

Alice Sabo

Knows how to pronounce Kvothe
I haven't read it, but I did see the version with David Suchet. I think it was pretty much the same. There was a foot-chase that was entirely out of character for Poirot. Other than that, the basic locked-room mystery.

Maybe that's why he went all artsy with the cinematography. Sheesh, I found it very intrusive. There are a couple of scenes in the dining car filmed through beveled glass so that the person is prismed. Interesting at first glance...really annoying after a couple minutes. By the second person it was too repetitive. And the ceiling shot was just bizarre.

The long shots of the train in the landscape are gorgeous. But I think that's mostly CGI.