About the new site and few authors.


Nice to see the site updated. Looking great !

Two things I wanted to ask about.

I noticed that some authors and series you used to have on your site are now missing. You think that they are not worth mentioning in the almost top25 list? I'm talking about Kate Elliot, David Farland and Paul Kearney.

And also is the "hall of shame" coming back? Peple need to be warned about Terry Goodkind!!! :p


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Kate Elliot -- I'll put here on the "Almost 25" list. Very good series, but Elliot sort of lost control of the series near the end. Still a great series, but a couple books too long.

David Farland -- On the Almost 25 list (or will be). First couple books quite good.

Paul Kearney -- Worthy to be on the Almost 25, though I don't think I can justify bumping one of the other books from the Top 25 to squeeze him in on that list.

Yea, I'll be adding a "Top 10 Authors/Books to Avoid" and noGoodkind will be near the top!

totally agree about goodkind dont know how he could go so wrong, I liked the first book but then they just got worse and worse. Newcomb is another author i can't stand i don't know what i was thinking when i bought a couple of his books, i hope he gets on your list.


Journeyed there and back again
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Yea, Goodkind's first book was actually decent. As far as a debut goes, it's was entertaining -- interesting story and world, a good amount of tension. I'm willing to overlook bad writing and juvenile characters in debuts as long as the author improves. The problem is that Goodkinds storytelling ability actually got worse, as did his writing.

Newcomb, if possible, is even worse. On my old bestfantasybooks.com website, i actually had a sort of hall of shame warning people away from the worst of the worst fantasy books. Robert Newcomb's Fifth Sorceress was near the top...