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Just finished the first of the Iron Age series by Angus Watson. Got to say I'm really impressed. Not seen a lot of noise about this on the site, or have I just missed it?

For those who this has passed by, like myself, here's the skinny...

Set in about 62 BC in Britain this could be mistaken at first for historical fiction. But don't be fooled. It's as fantasy as anything you've had. Not least of all because, as the author reminds us, nothing is know of that time. There is no written records and the only account of the Roman's first failed invasion came from Julius Ceaser and sound like especially sour grapes. Probably because the world's mightiest army seems to have had it's arse handed to it on a plate.

The books (I'm on the second now) have great characters and a good dose of humour. They are gory but not gloomy. Think grimdark, but sometimes the characters are allowed to have a good day.

Druids, Iberian warriors with sharpened teeth, head smashing warhammers and uber powerful archers from across the sea. It's cracking.

Age of Iron (the first book) I'd rate at 8.5 - there is very little not to like about it.

I'm interested to see if others feel the same...


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I own it, but it's not one I'd prioritised ..


until now! :happy: Sounds pretty awesome .. is the series complete do you know?


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Feel I should revisit this in the interest of further info...
Halfway the second book and it does feel a little more "historical" but I think that's just because we know more about Romans and they're quite familiar. It's a weird blend of historical accuracy and fantasy.

I still really like it but felt some people might need to be warned if they go cold at the thought of anything real world based.


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Finished the second one - and it's firmly in the fantasy camp! Really looking forward to the third but, and I don't know if anyone else does this, I want to savor it so I'm reading some other stuff and then going back to it so I can really appreciate the quality.


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I am absolutely loving the first book in the Iron Age trilogy, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I can't put it down. It's fantastic. Everything else I was going to do today has to wait. Thanks Ben and wakar for the solid gold rec.


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Looks like I'm going to be interviewing Angus Watson soon.

So if anyone has any Iron Age, Druidic, historical or magical questions for the journo turned fantasy author - let me know and I'll put 'em to him...


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I cast Thread Resurrect!


I finaly cornered Angus Watson at the weekend to quiz him on fantasy vs history, breakfast and a bunch of other stuff (including the new trilogy he's got coming up this year).
I'll get it run through a filter and hopefully it'll go up soon. In the meantime, if you haven't read the Age of Iron.. do. Get them now. They were probably the most story-based fun I had last year...
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10% in now and really pleased I took your recommendation on board waka and started it. As ken mentioned it's very hard-to-put-downable.

And I'm not normally one for made up swear words in fantasy, but badgerfucktwats has just become my favourite!

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It's one of the better Fantasy series (though more like a blend of Historical Fiction & Fantasy). I was also super impressed and I expect I'll be adding it to the updated Top 25 at some point over the next month or two. Certainly one of the better -- and original -- pieces of fantasy fiction out there.