Allan Batchelder, author of the Immortal Treachery series, will answer your questions!

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Khartun, Aug 22, 2015.

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    I have 3 of the Immortal Treachery books on my shelf (to support the author), but waiting until all 5 are out before I begin. Hearing more and more good things about the series, which makes it harder to resist beginning to read it! But I'm sticking to my finished series rules:

    1. Buy the books as they are released to support the author (and thus help with first week sales so the publisher commits and supports the author so that the series actually gets completed - what can I say, I'm selfish lol)
    2. Pre-order the last book.
    3. Begin reading the series about a month before the last book is delivered so that I can seamlessly finish the series at the same time as the people that read the series as each book was released. Thus finally allowing me to open spoiler tags and contribute to the conversation.
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    Then I'd better hit the gym!
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    Wow this is really cool. I'm going to read the first book just because of how awesome it is having you here. (Sorry I missed this, and your recent signed copy giveaway) @ABatch
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    (A annnnnndddd you have a good love of moorcock...I'm going to start looking for a copy of your book now.)

    I find myself pretty lonely with my love of moorcock here
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    As a fellow writer, the eternal nemesis is a block, where the words just won't flow. If it's affected you, what's your method of dealing with it? With your per-night word count, do you forge onward and cut a bloody path, or do you ever take breaks from writing?
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    One thing that has surprised me is how damned hard it is to get reviews. By now -- and with your help, thank you! -- thousands of people have read Steel, Blood & Fire. And yet, over four years, I've amassed only 57 reviews. And, sadly, it seems to be reviews that drive sales. I've pretty much spent all my "earnings" on advertising, but that's not making a dent in my reviews.

    Your thoughts?
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    The only reviews I have managed to gain on goodreads have been when I asked for them directly. You seem to have a good following here on BFBF; maybe ask everyone of your readers here to leave a review? If they haven't already. If you have your own author's site that is visited by your readers, do the same there.
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    A friend of mine approaches anyone who she knows has the book, or mentions it anywhere, and directly asks for a review. Since I would personally pull out my own finger and toe nails rather than do this I can't tell you if it works....
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    I've mentioned many times my frustration at this. It's compounded by the stellar quality of the book. Readers love it. So why don't they review it? I hope some of the authors here have some advice, but it seems that they too can't get reviews. You're going to have to beat Mark Lawrence's door down on that indie thingie list. I do recall that Michael Sullivan got a big name to do a short blurb/rec at the beginning of his promotion and he said it was a big help. This was when he was first pushing the trilogy and still posting at Amazon fantasy. Now HIS name would be a perfect big name. So that's an idea. Show up there, chat a while, get a feel, and then get to the point not by mentioning SB&F but a general how-to-get-reviews query. Lot of authors there too, not as many as here though. The ones there have been at it a long time though. I've mentioned before that Michael Sullivan (Riyria Revelations) wants to help indies out and says so, and M.R. Mathias is even more committed to helping indies.

    So I think you need to join Amazon fantasy site Then check out the Amazon author pages for Michael Sullivan and M. R. Mathias and contact them. Then get a big name behind you who likes the book and will say so on your product page.
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  13. ABatch

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    We actually have a couple of "big names" on this site...but I imagine once you get "there," you're constantly hounded by would-be up-and-comers. No help there.
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  15. jo zebedee

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    Have you asked? I've never had any problem from anyone I've asked - provided you aren't offended by a polite no, what have you got to lose?
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    Thank you, sir! Hoping others will find similar enjoyment in it.
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    I have several questions. Hoping you can answer all or most.

    You once auctioned off the death of a character to the highest bidder in your next book? :hilarious: Like, for money? If so I take it some characters were protected? I never heard of that. Funny! What was the high bid? Did the character already die or is that to come? I haven't read the book yet but I'm sure those who have are curious. Maybe I misunderstood?

    Are sales picking up? Appro percentage of people who bought your book left reviews? Are you an active member of other forums too? Goodreads, etc.

    Best of luck. It would be cool to say
    "I 'knew' him when"...
  20. ABatch

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    I read that George R. R. Martin had done it, so I offered to kill off a character based on the person who bid the highest...then donated the money to my school. It was the Circus Family Barr in Corpse Cold. Can't remember the bid -- $500?

    As for sales, I had a good April -- good being a relative term for a guy who averages one sale a day -- and now I'm back in the dumps. Yep, I'm on Fantasy Faction, Amazon forums, Goodreads. Really hard to get people to take that leap, for some reason. Even for 99 cents. Percentage of folks who actually write a review? .01%, maybe?

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