Allan Batchelder, author of the Immortal Treachery series, will answer your questions!


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Charge $4.99 and see if your sales increase. What do you have to lose? In other words, charge what it's worth.

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Voted! I also added the Abject God by the way. It's somewhere near the bottom of the list now, but still.


I really don't understand some additions to this list. There's lots of stuff there for example by Hobbs which no one in his/her right mind would qualify as Grimdark. Numerous other examples abound. Anyways, the top spots are pretty much all Grimdark or Grimdark-ish (and proto-Grimdark).

I think we should at leats be able to pushSteel, Blood & Fire to place 50, where it will stand besides some of the Black Company books. It only needs about 12 votes for that (we're at 7 now).

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Hey, I'm gonna be Reddit's Author-of-the-Day on Monday, the fourth (Labor Day, here in the U.S.). Drop in and ask me a question or three!
I signed up for Reddit yesterday in anticipation of this. However, despite several different attempts at "Googling" I cannot locate it. Could you provide a link?

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Will do, Allan. Save me some time and list your books between Oct 2016 and Sept 2017.

Edit: never mind, it's The Abject God by Allan Batchelder. I actually figured that out all by myself.
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Says it has to have been published Oct 1 2016-Sept 1 2017. I'll go back and nominate that as well.


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Hi Allan, check your inbox for a note about the Amazon fantasy forum being closed forever on the 6th. All Amazon forums I should say.


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Wow. This guy gets it. The big names have nothing on you. You're one of them.

"As for the writing itself, it was equal to anything being put out by traditionally published grimdark writers. In fact, Allan Batchelder surpasses many a dark fantasy writer, especially in his ability to tell an entertaining story with a fluid plot and non-stop character development."

Way to go Allan. About time. If the reviewers would just read it. Another big step forward.