American Gods

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Journeyed there and back again
I'm enjoying the show through two episodes. It's really kept true to the spirit of the book as far as I'm concerned. Not sure how it'll be perceived by a majority of people that haven't read the book but it'll probably be a lot of love/hate like with it's counterpart.

Another strong episode. The character introductions continue to hit it out of the park with Mr. Nancy, Media, and Czernobog getting their time to shine this week. Orlando Jones' monologue was just so raw and hard hitting. Gillian Anderson as Lucy Ricardo was just about perfect - great scene. Looking forward to the different ways she's used in future episodes. Czernobog certainly didn't get short-changed with his screen time, which I'm sure Alucard will appreciate. Peter Stormare was another spot on casting choice. I knew coming into the show that the cast was fantastic and it hasn't disappointed.

As far as Bilquis is concerned, she does not discriminate. Men and women go equally crazy for her, and who can blame them? Her pussy is literally out of this world.

The music is great and the visuals are outstanding. Not much else to say on those fronts. This show, is good? Is good. Shame, only six episodes to go.
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Ser Pounce

Journeyed there and back again
Episode 3 in the books. Has anyone else gotten a chance to check this show out? Starz officially renewed it for a second season.

This is not Queens. This is not your ordinary telvision program. Like everything else, the opening introducing Anubis was beautifully shown and well acted. Those two things this show does in spades. I love Pablo Schreiber's facial expressions as Mad Sweeney. Just so damn hilarious, especially after that guy gets Final Destination'd and Mad Sweeney just sort of rolls his eyes and has an "only to me" look on his face.

We get the Jinn/Salim chapter in this episode, no shortcuts were taken. Cool notes: When Shadow sees the Jinn leave his meeting with Mr. Wednesday in episode 2, you see Salim wearing the same suit in episode 3 - signaling that this was a flashback and that the two had already swapped identities prior to the Jinn meeting with Mr. Wednesday. When Shadow and Wednesday go into the bank to pick up the deposits and you get the view of the security cam, you'll notice a shadow of a man wearing a top hat - Mr. World anyone? Then as they're leaving, you'll notice an eye right before the cam shuts off - Hello Media.

Love the tiny moments of humor in this show and this episode specifically. Then the larger bits with all the different types of Jesus. Good stuff. The whole robbing the bank scam was just as good on screen as it was to read. No qualms there.

As good as the Somewhere in America scenes are, they tend to go a bit long. The Anubis opening lasted a good ten minutes, and the Jinn/Salim stuff lasted even longer. Don't get me wrong, still loving the show but I can see how these scenes could become tedious even having read the book. Feels like the show is still trying to find it's bearings in that aspect. Guess we'll find out how they plan to tie everything together as we continue.
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Has anyone else gotten a chance to check this show out?
I watched 3 episodes and to me it's awesome. It's incredible how close they are sticking to the book in this tv adaptation. Since I've read the book and loved it, to me this is pure enjoyment. It's so beautifully shot. The guy who plays Mr Wednesday is a great actor.
My husband however hasn't read this book and he finds it incredibly confusing like it's made from bits and pieces he can't connect. Because we don't have conventional introduction of the characters and there is a lot of them I can understand that.
I'm glad they got renewed. I'll keep watching.