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Post your MOST anticipated 2014 book to enter.

If you can post on Facebook as well that would be choice.

Your call.


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Easy, that would be The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks. :D

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I've given up on Facebook.

I think I'm going to go with Working God's Mischief by Glen Cook. I am enjoying the Instrumentalities of the Night series and was glad to see another one is coming out. Plus, I wanted to be different from everyone else (I predict a lot of Sanderson on this thread before the giveaway ends).


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Skin Games. No doubt about it.

But there are so many others I am awaiting with almost the same amount of anticipation.

I just hope that none of the books will be another Republic of Thieves or Daylight war.


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For me it's all about The Thorn of Emberlain. Although I'm about to start the Lightbringer series after finishing Heroes Die, so that might change :D


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That would be mine too, except I don't expect it in 2014!
Ye, even though the plan is for 2014, if we judge by the time Republic took to get published, my hopes aren't very high for this one :(


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The next book in The Kingkiller Chronicles. At least, I hope it comes out in 2014.
After that, probably Words of Radiance.


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I'm guessing I'll have finished the Dresden books published so far before the end of next year, so ..... Skin Games for me!