Anyone else need breaks in between sequels?

Do you need a break in between sequels?

  • Of course not, in fact I read most of a series all at more my thing.

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  • Nope, I can read one book in a series after the other easily.

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  • I believe we've found some common ground.

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That's kinda what i'm like. As I've said before, I burn out on a book if I spend too much time on it, (same thing goes for games as well.) and I almost always need a break in between titles. usually several months or so. And at the most I'll read 3 books in a series in a year(usually 2), despite this month where I made an exception with the Throne of Glass series.

I know my reading style is pretty unusual, but I'm wondering if I can find some common ground here.

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In the past I would read every series straight through. Recently I did that for books 2-5 of Monarchies Of God. But overall, the last few years, I mostly take breaks. Sometimes this makes it a lot more exciting when I go back to them after around 3 books. In fact, I've been reading mysteries, thrillers, and sometimes other stuff in between fantasy.

So yeah, I think we have some common ground here.


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No, as long as we’re talking about trilogies, or anyway about series totaling less than 2.000 – 2.500 pages, I tend to prefer to binge read them in a single go. I may throw in a shorter, lighter read mid-series as a change of pace (usually YA or a “low effort” fantasy romp or S&S stand-alone book), but then I’ll pick up again and complete the series I was reading.

Perhaps there’s a bit of OCR kicking in, I need to have at least a basic understanding of all the different threads going on, of the reasons behind the moves of every character, and few things annoy me as much as not remembering a minor character, or a cultural practice, or whatever already mentioned in a previous installment.
I also actually tend, when picking up a new book in a series I’ve stalled for more than a few months, to have a not so quick skim through the previous volumes as a refresher.

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I usually don't read two books in a row from a series, for a couple of reasons. I don't want to burn out on it, and I like the series too last a bit longer.

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I tend to read all available books in a series consecutively. Sometimes it gets a bit too much though. For example, I read other books in between when I did my Discworld series read-through.


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Most of the time yes I need a break...
Than again, I never read only one thing. If I'm being extra good it's 3 series/ different books at the same time, but most of the time it's more than that. Not to mention the sheer number of series I have started, or got to half way, or more.
If you look at my signature, you'll see quite a pattern.

I read for pleasure, so I tend to pick around my TBR pile based on how I feel at the moment. The book really has to grip me, in a sense that I can't wait to know more, or what will happen for me to continue with the next one. Writers rarely manage to do that with me.
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I read for pleasure, so I tend to pick around my TBR pile based on how I feel at the moment.
This is me too. I used to always feel the need to read a series straight through, but as I've gotten older, and as I've started reading many series that aren't yet finished, based on recommendations from my peeps here on BFB, I've found that I jump around more, unless a series is really gripping me and I want to find out what happens immediately. Most of the time I finish a book and then browse my TBR pile and figure out what I'm in the mood for. If it's a stressful time of year I want something light and fast. If I'm on holiday I'll tackle more serious fare.


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No, but not your alternative either.

I hate long pauses, which I why I wont read a series until I is finished, or if its an ongoing with lots of sequels.

I wont want to read them consecutively though. I'll put one or two books in between.

And since I read multiple books at once that adds to the gap a little.


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As long as I like the series and want to continue, I will read them all in a row. I did take a break after the first WOT book because of my library strike and then said screw it, bought the rest on Kindle and read books 2-14 all in a row. Part of it is OCD as I like to finish what I started but the two biggest reasons to continue reading are that I like the story AND I don't want to forget what happened!

I enjoyed the first two books of Way of Kings but I need to read a summary before reading book 3 because I forget too much. Especially if you are reading a lot. Awfully easy to forget certain things or get characters mixed up. That's why I've tried to stay away from series now that aren't completed. I re-read the first two books in the Blood Song/Raven's Shadow series before book 3 as I had started reading the final book and couldn't remember a thing.


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I really enjoy re-reading my faves. Generally I find that if I do not remember the preceding books well enough to continue directly or if I do not wish to re-read them as a refresher, the series probably wouldn't have been worth waiting years to start.

I'll re-read KKC prequels before book 3. They're worth it. Same with Locke Lamora. Not gonna for ASoIaF, nor will I likely read the new book at all, because of personal dislike for the author and because I will have HBO for the canon version.


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If I'm reading a series, I usually read 1 book in the series > 1 non-series book > 1 book in the series > 1 non-series book, etc. for however long the series takes. If the books are really short (Chronicles of Amber), I will make an exception. Obviously, if I'm totally engrossed (Kingdom of Thorn and Bone), I will also make an exception. I used to generally be reading several books at once, at all times, but I don't have so much time for that anymore. If I wait too long between books in a series, I will forget too many important things (for some reason, ASoIaF is an exception -- I still remember the names and roles of random bit characters -- even though it's been 6 years since I've touched one, and I'm not even that hot on the series anymore).


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Depends on the series. Didn't need it for Black Company, was a necessity for Broken Empire, and am considering it for Dark Tower.


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I prefer reading all of the available books from a series consecutively. That way I can fully enjoy a story I like, without having to figure out who this character was and such.

That being said, the more I read, the more oftenI find a series where I need to take some time away from it, because the story didn't grab me at 100% and I'd prefer that it did.

Also, for some time now, I am sometimes reading up to 4 books at once, more often 2 or 3, so I get to change scenery often enough to keep the things fresh, as one of the series would finish before the others, and I'd add something new to the mix. This also makes it more likely that I'd continue right away with a story that's not 100% gripping, simply because I'd have one or two awesome stories going for me at the same time.

But at the end of day - it depends. Mainly on how well I am liking the story in question.


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I normally read books in shorter series consecutively, this is mainly the case for trilogies. If I’m reading a langer series I tend to break them up with something completely different, mostly some crime / thriller books. Best example is MBotF and ME, I switched to something else after 2-3 books. Only with the final books i’ll have read 6 in a row. I also switched a bit in between books with ASOIAF. After having finished these books I also decided not to start any unfinished series anymore. I think one of the few exceptions I’ve Made is for Immortal Treachery from @ABatch

I also prefer not to mix different fantasy series in order to avoid confusion. I can’t say it’ll be a problem to read multiple fantasy series at once as I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not really planning on trying.

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I will take a break in the series if the book is 1000+ pages long, but generally I tend to read three in a row and then take a break.