Anyone read Planetfall, After Atlas, Vagrant or The Malice?


Journeyed there and back again
Hey folks.

I'm going to be doing a double interview soon, with Emma and Peter Newman. I've read the split worlds stuff and Peter's Vagrant and Malice I haven't dipped my toe into Mrs N's sci fi though, has anyone here? I know it got quite a bit of love, but does anyone have any questions for Emma on it?
Or questions for Peter?
Or even anything about living in a house withn two writers?

Hit me up with anything that occurs...

<cues theme music: At home with the newmans... doo de doo. They're writing humans... da daa da da... >


Journeyed there and back again
Sorry, I have The Vagrant just have read it yet.

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I have read both The Vagrant and The Malice but I am just crappy at coming up with questions.