April 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by TomTB, Apr 1, 2017.

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    I may take a break from WOT to read something else. A fun book like this Kings of the Wyld sounds like a good thing. After book 8 was so weak in terms of memorable things the first 25% of book 9 isn't much better and reading is really dragging. I'm struggling a little to keep going. I know two guys who quit WOT after book 7 or 8. I really hope the payoff is good. I've got one more slog to get through after this.
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    It's definitely worth it ... stick with it! :)
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    Soldier on. Book 14 makes EVERYTHING worth it. It's one of those 'holy shit!' type books.
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    I finished The Blood Mirror just now. It was a solid book but I can't deny it wasn't on par with The Blinding Knife or The Broken Eye.

    Andross is awesome. He's the bad guy you're supposed to hate but I love him anyway. Great character and there are some great revelations here that show so much about him.

    The series has definitely lost something now that Dazen got pushed to the back. It's still a good book but it's nowhere near as good when his POVs has been replaced with more kid's story...

    Dazen's chapters were definitely the ones I most looked forward to all the time. Seriously wow, so many twists and turns around that man. I did not see it coming that he's a black drafter, OR that his brother was never really trapped down there.

    And what is that being down in the black cell? I got The Well of Ascension flashbacks reading that part. What do you guys think? Is it just one of the 200 or Abaddon himself perhaps?

    To be honest I'm quite confused. Did Dazen build the prisons or not? Everything about black luxin causing memory loss makes this so hard to figure out.
    If he did build the prisons surely it was to trap that thing down there? How else did it get imprisoned if that was the case. Only after doing it he forgot about it.
    The other option is that it was already there. Like Grinwoody said, there are superstitions about something horrible under the Chromeria going back a long, long time.
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    I finished Dancer's Lament today and I have to say it's a worthy addition to the Malazan series and well worth reading. A large portion of the book is taken up between Dorin and Wu, and I found their relationship to be similar to the one shared between Tehol and Bugg (so if you liked them, and who doesn't you will be right at home) but a bit more sneaky.

    We also have Dessem in the book, but he doesn't get a lot of page time and seems to take a backward step in the proceedings. It would have been nice if he was more involved, but perhaps this was done on purpose and we may see more of him in the next book.

    Next we have the five city mages Silk, Ho, Mara, Smokey and Koroll. Silk is the one we spend most of our time with out of the five, and his development as a character in the book was nicely done. Out of these though I found Mara to be the most interesting but again she didn't play a big role.

    There are a lot more characters I could mention or groups of people but I would be here all night, I think Esslemont has done a really good job with this book and I will be eagerly waiting for the next book and how he can build upon it.

    Lastly a question to you all for those that have not read any Malazan books, do you think that this book would be the best place to start ?
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    No, I'm not saying it :D.
    You have to read the series to the end.
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    Well, it gets even more depressing, and then it will get better again. But might take a few books...
  9. Derk of Derkholm

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    Am on a Dresden Files re-read (currently on "Blood Rites") because I felt like it.
    Hope that Jim Butcher will come up with a new instalment by the time I am done :)
  10. Alucard

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    I think a person who has not read any Malazan books would have a hell of a tough time answering that question :D
    But people who have read it all, thus being more knowledgeable and running Malazan wiki give these recommendations:

    Malazan Book of the Fallen - Main series by Steven Erikson
    Recommendation: The published order of the Malazan Book of the Fallen is the author's intended order and the best order in which to read this series for the first time.


    Novels of the Malazan Empire - Main Series by Ian C. Esslemont
    Recommendation: The published order of the Novels of the Malazan Empire is the author's intended order and the best order in which to read this series for the first time.


    Bauchelain & Korbal Broach novellas by Steven Erikson

    Recommendation: Chronological Order
    Due to their haphazard publishing schedule and individually contained stories, these novellas' publishing order is vastly different from chronological order. Either way, Blood Follows serves as the first novella and is the best introduction to the novella series. Readers may find the story flows much more naturally if the novellas are read in chronological order rather than published order.

    There are no major spoilers from any B&KB novella to any other. However, Crack'd Pot Trail is best read after The Lees of Laughter's End and The Healthy Dead due to the reappearance of some characters and concepts.

    Bauchelain and Korbal Broach also appear in Memories of Ice and in Orb Sceptre Throne. For chronological order, Memories of Ice should be read after The Wurms of Blearmouth and before The Healthy Dead. It is unclear when exactly The Healthy Dead and Crack'd Pot Trail occur in relation to Orb Sceptre Throne, but as long as The Wurms of Blearmouth is read before Orb Sceptre Throne it doesn't matter.


    Kharkanas Trilogy - prequels, take place thousands of years before events in either main series - by Steven Erikson
    Published Order:

    Path to Ascendancy - prequels, take place many decades prior to events in either main series - by Ian C. Esslemont
    Published Order:


    To read both authors concurrently in order of publication


    Ultimate reading order suggested by members of the Malazan Empire Forum

    There are numerous ways that all the series of the Malazan World can be combined into a single read order. For first-time readers, care must be taken to avoid reading things too far out of chronological order such that events do not make sense, as well as avoiding any events being spoiled before reading through them happening.

    There are two main discussion threads on the Malazan Empire forums for discussing possible read orders:

    1. One is a spoiler free thread summarizing the result of the discussion about what to read first and providing a visual guide of what major spoilers exist between books (without revealing what those spoilers are) so new readers can devise their own read orders, if desired.
    2. There is also a discussion thread with spoilers where members who have read all the books discuss what spoilers exist and what read orders are possible (both for new readers and re-reads).
    For readers who want a single, sensible read order without going into discussion threads, the below is a read order recommended by many knowledgeable forum members which:

    • Includes all existing Malazan World books
    • Is in a sensible and logical order for first-time readers
    • Does not contain any spoilers being revealed before the events occur
    • Follows chronological order except where the authors intended not to
    • Doesn't go into novellas too early, so you have some time to immerse yourself in Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates

    And if you really like info graphics, they have made this.
    Reading order diagram - A diagram showing the interaction between the varying books, devised by D'rek from the Malazan Empire Forum. You could use this to make up your own reading order.

    I'll just link it because it's huge and would look terrible if I post directly.


    According to experts the only exception to publishing order you should make are Bauchelain & Korbal Broach novellas, where a reader should opt for chronological order for better reading experience.
    But as with everything when it comes to books, this is not set in stone. It's just an advice from knowledgeable people.
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    Oops. Just saw this.

    I'm about to start my 2nd book of MST. I thought that while book one did take about 150 pages to get rolling I was never bored and liked it a lot. Still, so far I like Shadowmarch even better. That's not to take anything away from MST. It's just that Shadowmarch was one of my all time favorites. That may change later. The author and other readers may not agree with me, but I feel like there should be a sequel to Shadowmarch due to loose ends.

    I thought his short story collection was one of the best I've read. At this point I am not that interested in Bobby Dollar. I DO plan to read War Of The Flowers in the future. A lot of times when I quit a series after one book or more I look ahead to see if I missed anything I might've liked. So far I've made pretty good choices when I quit but that is just based on plot summaries. So I won't continue with Otherland. I could be wrong but I classify that series as Dark Urban fantasy which is not my favorite.
  12. Bill Door

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    I'm now about 75 or so pages into book four of 'The Instrumentalities of the Night'. It's disappointing that the series ends here on book four because of poor book sales as the novels really pick up once you get past book 1. I can't say I'm surprised though...I can definitely see why a lot of people would have quit during the first 200 pages of the first novel.
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    I actually love this series. I read somewhere that Cook planned to write more but he might have to find a different publisher (should be possible for someone like him) or self-publish.
  14. afa

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    Wow. That is a comprehensive analysis. As someone who has only read the first book, and intends to read the rest, this is much appreciated.

    One question - the "To read both authors concurrently in order of publication" list is slightly different from the forum's recommended read order. Is this your own recommendation, and any particular reason why you feel this might be preferred?
  15. Alucard

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    I'm personally reading the forum's recommended order. I think the lists differ because one is completely in order of publication, while the forum list has Bauchelain & Korbal Broach novellas in chronological order (as they recommend) while everything else is publication order.
  16. Maark Abbott

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    I'll always recommend reading in publication order per author. There are some things that are meant to be questions, and reading in the order where everything makes neat sense takes a lot away from Malazan. We might attribute such ease to those we label The Unready.
  17. Alucard

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    Well the forum recommended order doesn't deviate from publication order except for novellas, which you can skip without losing much (I wouldn't, I like Mancy :D).
    So far I have read these in this order

    1. Gardens of the Moon
    2. Deadhouse Gates
    3. Blood Follows
    4. The Lees of Laughter's End
    5. The Wurms of Blearmouth
    6. Memories of Ice
    7. House of Chains

    and I still have 1000 questions and can honestly say I have no clue what the f is really going on. I have some hints, but that's about it.
    One thing I know for sure is this series will not sit well with a reader that needs insta gratification. Despite being action heavy, this series really needs you to chill and enjoy the ride.
  18. Cyphon

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    Finished Fool Moon by Jim Butcher and am still puttering along through The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence.

    Didn't like Fool Moon quite as much as Storm Front. The easy summary is everything felt just about the same without any noticeable upgrade in plot interest. It did start to expand on the world a little more which is something. Not a bad book by any stretch.


    As for TWoO.....This series reminds me a lot of The First Law trilogy in regards to my feelings for it. Intriguing characters and a lot of grit but as hard as I try I just can't get into the plot. Very boring for me. Hope to finish it this weekend and move onto something else.
  19. Bill Door

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    I really like it too, but you can't deny that it has a pretty big hurdle to over come for people that aren't already Glen Cook fans and casual readers in general.
  20. Derk of Derkholm

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    Hey, @Alucard , do I see that right that you are now on to Sandman Slim?
    Nice and funny series :)

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