Authors of Shame (and how to avoid the branding!)


Journeyed there and back again
I found this forum by searching for ways to promote my book. The trouble for me, is that I don't have a budget, or rather, I don't have the money in which to promote my book through ads, so it's all word of mouth. I'm finding it extremely difficult as I am introverted and have very little friends and family. I'm wandering around this forum trying to find some advice on promoting on a budget. Yikes! Haha. I've signed up for twitter and started a blog but that's about it, aside from posting on forums, making friends and reading advice.
OK . . .
Profile says joined on 15th, last seen on 16th - and to day is evening of 24th. So answers aren't getting through anyway!
Searching for "Elle Emery" on facebook gets too many hits to make sense, searching on Amazon gets nowhere, searching on Google is not productive.
If Elle could find the right balance between sparking interest and spamming, it might be possible to progress further - just one link to anther site (e.g. which Facebook member, or ('or', not 'and') a link to a blog, or a link to a publisher . . . ) but at the moment, this just isn't working!
There's a 'Promotions' thread somewhere . . . . anyone? Or was that on goodreads?