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Old thread I know, but even so:-
Yes, agreed - that is the reason I am on Twitter . . . . and to make it worse, I just followed you!
Well, I don't log in very often but when I do, I will return the favor. Beware that the only things I post these days are contest entries...


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That is the only thing I use mine for. I can go several months without ever even going on Twitter but the second a company makes me angry I'm on there telling them how I feel.
I just opened this thread again after ages. Read this post, burst out laughing and went to rate it is funny. !!!!! only to realise it was my rating that had marked it as funny. Good to know my sense of humor is consistent.


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I have one, but have used it twice in eighteen months. I'm not sure I see the point of it, but will persevere and try again at some point.

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@AngryMaark for non serious stuff.
@MAbbottWriting for authory stuff.


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30,000 is pretty cool
I handle a few accounts on Twitter, but the relevant one would be @OTooleyAuthor
I made that after making my radio presenter one which was so I could carry on making political comments on my main account.
I guess it's worth mentioning my publisher account, especially now that we are publishing three authors this year, so it isn't just me any more.
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I am no good at expressing myself under 1 400 characters, let alone 140, so you won't me there, even though I have an account or two. :p