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Hi HOC and welcome back!


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Hi stranger! Welcome back.

Can't help I'm afraid. I thought Blood Song was rubbish and have almost successfully removed it from my memory now. Sure someone else will put you right though :)
Ha! Thanks for the welcome, but you are so wrong about Blood Song. Still, since the following two books were less good, I shall give you a pass. ;)


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*walks quietly in*

Um, hello. It's been, well, forever since I've been here. Between RL obligations (I'm now running two book clubs a month for work) and changing reading habits, I haven't been reading a ton of fantasy the past couple years. I vowed to myself at one point I would come back to this forum when I finished Queen of Fire, but I kind of never got all the way through it. But I needed a new audiobook yesterday, so I got that. I was fine with having to start back over at the beginning of that book, but what I'm realizing is that I forget sooooooooo much about the first two books. Can anyone help this sad Prodigal Daughter out with a good spoiler summary somewhere? (Aside--Why can't all authors be Tad Williams in this respect?)

Hey, welcome back @HeroineOfCanton!