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Journeyed there and back again
Foundryside: A Novel (The Founders Trilogy Book 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett is $2.99
And it’s $2.99 in Canada too. I thought his first trilogy was a rare trilogy in that each book got better for me. I’m going to read the sample today and make a quick decision on a purchase. I see book two is out this year but I’m guessing book 3 will be another two year delay?


Journeyed there and back again
Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse Book 1) by James S. A. Corey is $3.99 as a Kindle Daily Deal. It's sci-fi and I mention it because I finally got back to the series last week and read the third book Abaddon's Gate which I bought in 2013 when it came out and then forgot about it. Well it is absolutely great, one of the most exciting books I've read, and so I thought I would mention the first book as if anyone is left who doesn't already have it.