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After a long drought there is a plethora of excellent books for $2.99 today only in the Amazon daily deals for Amazon US. Couple others as well.
Agreed and well phrased @kenubrion. Ever since they announced the new page three weeks ago (recently the deals show up on the old page as well) they’ve offered crappy Daily Deals (nothing much in the April and May monthly deals either). There are a handful of older good books (of which you listed most) and very few good books that are fairly recent. Mostly indie junk (although there MAY have been a hidden gem in there...but who knows?) Oh well, at least it’s helping clear out my cyber shelf. Unless someone is interested in “Undone By The Duke” it’s slim pickings.


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Have you ever read the old Brian Lumley series Necroscope? It's my favorite vampire story. They definitely do not sparkle.
Never even heard of Lumley. Another one to check ;)

Darth Tater

Journeyed there and back again
Oooh always on the lookout for a good vampire book. There's so much trash around that archetype.
Thanks Khartun!

These are obvious but just in case.

Salems Lot by Stephen King. Did you ever complete The Dark Tower. Books 5-7 are loaded with them. There are also 4 King short stories.

No doubt you’re very familiar with the Ann Rice Lestat books.