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Hi All

I found this forum and I hope you can help. I have had details of a book and/or series in my head for over a year, I can't remember much and I hoped what I can remember could jog someones memories. The things I remember:

* Men with power leashed (like in Wheel of Time)
* The lead has to kill a group of warriors who attack him at once (he doesn't want to); to prove he is the one that was destined to come
* A magical barrier that stops anyone from crossing that doesn't know the secret (I think they kidnap the man and take him through and he later destroys the barrier and links the two lands)

That's pretty much all i can remember, but it has been driving me crazy!


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This sounds vaguely like something that happened in one of the later Sword of Truth books. I'd offer more detail but I have kind of blocked those from my memory.