Book to movie/series adaptation wish list


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Without LotR and GoT, we wouldn't be having a positive conversation about this. We would be saying "Please, God, don't let them ruin my favorite book!" I think most fantasy books simply have too much going on to fit into a good movie. A series, TV or movie, is different, but comes with its own challenges. It is very rare that movies/TV manage to maintain or enhance the quality of a story. Also, taking written dialogue and having people say it makes it about 1000 times more obvious that the dialogue was poorly written. Personally, I think Sanderson's novels would have a big problem with this. On screen, all of Sanderson's characters will be Anakin, Qui-Gon, or Jar Jar, and none of them will be Han or Leia.

With that said, the movies/TV that I'd most like to see would be anything and everything by Abercrombie, Acts of Caine, Red Rising, any maybe a heavily reinterpreted WoT (not because I think it'd be great, just because I'd want to watch it even if it wasn't great).


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I agree that it's tough to produce some fantasy on tv or film because the special effects may be nearly impossible and the length of a series could make it hard.

I think the Ryria series is a fun and less intensive series that could be successful. I'd love to see the Name of the Wind but I don't know if that series could be done right. I think WOT could be cool but the special effects too difficult. But that series could benefit from being streamlined like GOT potentially.


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Personally, I think Sanderson's novels would have a big problem with this. On screen, all of Sanderson's characters will be Anakin, Qui-Gon, or Jar Jar, and none of them will be Han or Leia.
That's an interesting commentary... Out of curiosity, whom do you see portraying Jar Jar? And why do you say there are no Han? As much as I love to critic Sanderson's choices when it comes to characters, he still has several of them. There might not be a Han or a Leia so to speak, but some of his characters could have massive viewers appeal. Obviously, a scenarist would make a change or two here and there, but some his work does seem as something which could be translated to the big screen.

I personally feel his Mistborn/Recknoers series could make excellent movies, if they get the budget, the writers and the casting to make it so. Stormlight is another beast... It shouldn't be adapted. I do no trust it can be done in a satisfying manner.


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Uprooted as a standalone could be wonderful, hearkening back to the old Disney when the world was harsh, dark and brutal at times. No soft-coating. Remember the swamp in The Neverending Story and that wolf? Like that.
I'll second the Black Company as a series (one film would be insufficient and I'd hate to see bloat), but it would need someone really special to direct and keep it focussed - and either Captain Dale Dye or SSGT Brad Colbert or someone like that as a combat advisor. Crafting it as an episodic feature for each POV chapter would work really well I think.

I think River God, as historical fantasy, would be amazing, helmed by Mel Gibson. He has the chops and nuance for ticking every box in a big film. Taking nods from the big epics like Braveheart and Gladiator, with a few overt nods to the classic sand-operas of Cleopatra and Quo Vadis and such.

I'd also love to see an Eastwood or Ridley Scott directed rendering of the Eisenhorn trilogy. I cannot articulate the myriad ways in which that would kick all manner of arses across the face of modern cinema.


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When a character in a Sanderson novel is cool, it's because we're told the character is cool. The personalities and affectations of every single Sanderson character should be annoying, but other characters respond positively to them. I began to notice this in the Reckoners series, because the main character has this annoying habit of making unreasonably bad analogies. That eventually made me question all of the other characters, and I started looking for a genuinely "cool" one, the way Han Solo and Mat Cauthon are cool. And I realized that there are none. Rereading Mistborn, Kelsier seemed kind of lame any time he communicated with people, but when he was being lame people treated him like he wasn't. Rereading the WoT series, I was able to catch the distinct shift in Mat's personality when Sanderson took over, the point where Mat turned into an erratic nerd that people still treated the way they used to. Several of people here disliked Kaladin's personality, and I doubt many people would call his personality one of the series's strong suits.

There's a lot of good to be said for Sanderson novels. Brilliantly creative magic systems, very little time between books, etc. I would LOVE to see a 10 minute long action sequence of allomancers fighting! There's also some things I would (and have) criticized in Sanderson's work that wouldn't be a big deal at all for TV or movies. He overexplains every aspect of his magic system and pulls you out of otherwise great scenes for a page-long explanation of the magic system that you've already been reading about for 2 whole books. Easy fix on film; just skip those parts.


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When a character in a Sanderson novel is cool, it's because we're told the character is cool.
Apparently The Fast and the Furious does this with Vin Sleazle's character in the subtitles; as he walks on-screen we are treated to the caption of 'looks tough'. No dialogue. Pure thought-instruction. Hahahahaha.


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The simpler the better. Fantasy can get ridiculously complex with its politics, huge cast of characters, ect. Makes it hard to adapt to film. A few that come to mind that would probably work well:
  • The Queen's Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
  • Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
  • Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
  • A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab
I also agree that some of Brandon Sanderson's work would work pretty well for adaptation. Mostly his shorter stuff. The Emperor's Soul, Sixth of the Dusk, and Legion would all work very well, imo. I could honestly see an adaptation of The Emperor's Soul winning a lot of awards if adapted properly. The story and characters have all the hallmarks of oscar-bait, it just happens to be fantasy. Legion seems ripe for a serialized private detective show in the vein of Sherlock, Monk, Lucifer, The Mentalist, etc.